3 reasons that dog lovers will enjoy renting pet-friendly cabins in Gatlinburg TN!


Going out on a vacation can become a cumbersome thing to go through when there is a pet to put into consideration in your calculations. Most holiday destinations are great but they do not necessarily accommodate your dog into their equation well enough. The whole experience may end up with you being separated from your dog or your dog’s needs not being addressed as adequately as you would want them to be. 

Not to worry though if you are thinking of coming to Gatlinburg TN because this is a lovely dog-friendly destination. There are lots of great activities that you and your dog are going to truly enjoy in Gatlinburg and its beautiful cabins and here is a snippet of some of them: 

Hiking trails and swims to go on:

Cabins in Gatlinburg TN are surrounded by wonderful mountain ranges and scenic views all around. This is a great way for stretching out your dog’s limbs and they sure will love chasing along with the other wild animals and butterflies in the trail. There are a lot of great trails along the Great Smoky Mountains from Sugarland’s visitor’s center down to the beautiful pigeon river. There are also other trails in Mynatt Park and Mills Park that are equally as exciting. 

Another great muscle stretching activity that you will love doing is going on swims in the nearby indoor swimming facilities. These are wonderful because there is constant supervision and you can use the swimming pools at any time and under any weather. Of course, if you want the great outdoors, you can also choose to stay in a Cabin in Gatlinburg TN that has a dog-friendly swimming pool. 

Enjoy the pet-friendly bars and restaurants:

Since Cabins in Gatlinburg TN know how you and your dog enjoy your time together, there are outdoor patios where you are allowed to dine with the dogs. The menu is inclusive of a great array of foods that your dog can still enjoy and have a good time with and the quality is no less than your five-star experience. Cabins that have these pet-friendly policies are going to make your eating experience one to truly remember and your dog will wolf down the food with absolute delight. 

Have A Merry Good Time Rowing Down The River: 

The breezes down the river are going to be a great experience between you and your dog. As you paddle down the river under the hot sun with your dog wagging its tail and lapping the fresh air, be sure to ensure the safety of the dogs by tying them down to the raft. The rapids and rock jumps will provide scenic views especially if your dog is very fond of the water. If not, you can still choose to go out and have different adventures all the same. 

Your dog deserves a vacation that is as amazing as the one you are having and the cabins in Gatlinburg TN can give them just that. For the days when you are going on solos adventures, you can also have your dog well-taken care of in Doggy wood at the front gate of the Dollywood guest service. This way, your dog still gets the VIP treatment you give them for just $25-35 but be sure to book early enough too. 

Come book yourself a great space today at a cabin in Gatlinburg to give you and your dog the vacation you deserve.

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