4 Quintessential Features to Look for When Choosing an Italian Tour Company

Have you ever dreamed of an Italian vacation? In 2019, Italy was the fifth most visited country in the world, with 62 million tourists. The Mediterranean country is world-famous for tourist spots like The Colosseum, Tower of Pisa, and Venice Canals. When you plan to contact a tour company offering luxury Italy tours, you must  know that there are some must-have characteristics to make your European vacation in the home of pizza and pasta as memorable as possible:

  1. Day or Weekly Tours

There are times when you’ll have a day or week to tour Italy. Ideally, a tour company will provide both offers. For example, a day trip might include activities like wine tasting, cooking shows, and sky tours. These activities can be quite thrilling and educational, yet completed within one day.

If you can afford more time in the European country, then there are also week tours for which you can register. This option provides more options for individuals, families, and groups. A tour company can plan everything, including the schedule, transportation, and so on.

One of the perks of a weekly tour is that you’ll have the option to visit famous and lesser-known tourist attractions. This includes regions like Sicily, Tuscany, and Sardinia. A week is certainly enough time to tour both urban and rural areas of the Italian peninsula.

  1. Affordable Rates

The rates for Italian tours are based on various factors. They include ones like the duration of the tours. However, you can sometimes enjoy lower per-person rates when paying for group tours. While your tour group can’t include an unlimited number of people, you can save money if your group is close to the maximum number of people allowed for tour packages.

Another factor to consider is the value you’re getting from the rates. For example, a tour needs to include knowledgeable tour guides, itineraries, transportation, and so on. Such all-inclusive packages can make your Italian tours more convenient and a bit expensive.

  1. Customised Tour

This is another key feature to look for when selecting a tour company. You can get the best experience when a company offers customised tours instead of cookie-cutter ones. For example, you might want to include particular regions, sites, and food in your itinerary.

An Italian tour company with good service will be able to accommodate you in these areas and more.

Thus, a tour company must provide a memorable experience that’s tailored to individuals or groups visiting the country. If a tour group has special needs, the company needs to cater to them.

  1. Company Background

Today many consumers look for an “about us” section at a company’s website to learn about the company’s history, vision, and so on. For example, when visiting Italy, it’s important for the tour guides to have a solid background in Italian geography, culture, and history.

It’s also a plus if the company’s founder was raised in the region. This is so that they can provide a more personalised experience for touring individuals. A combination of growing up in Italy and learning about the region’s history and culture can provide the best possible experience for tourists.

Italy is one of the most visited countries for many reasons. When selecting a luxury Italy tours provider, it’s essential to look for features related to the company’s background, tour customisation, and offerings. Such perks can provide you with the best touring experience in the country famous for its cuisine, fashion, and sports cars.

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