4 ways to style your Refrigerator with Magnetic Fridge Frames


Every home has a refrigerator. It is great storage to serve your taste buds and helps store meals for the longest. Since most members need to come in contact with the refrigerator, do you want to amplify its look? Magnetic picture frames for refrigerators are a quick solution to transform your refrigerator into the latest style and a sacred family corner of the house.

There are so many ways to make magnetic fridge frames work for you, and here are 4 easy ideas to get you started.

Feature School Photos

We all have our school memories to rejoice. If you’ve kids, you must’ve got a stack of cute school photos in your drawers, reflecting their joy. You can now put these pictures on your fridge and look at them each time you need something from your refrigerator.

To give the best shot to reinvent memories is to get 4×6 size magnetic fridge frames. Most photos are in this size, and even if not, the width of the frame can cover the rest. Slip the photos in these frames and put them up on your refrigerator. 

Showcase Kids Art Work

Do you have a Picasso in the making? You must’ve got a bundle of amazing creativity that you’re surely not ready to throw in the bin. Guess what? They can go up the refrigerator in magnetic fridge frames and can make your refrigerator the best art corner. Also, your kids seeing their art in such a central location daily will encourage them to create better portraits.

For displaying art, it’s better to have 8.5×11 magnetic fridge frames as they can carry the paper weight and will not fall when opening and closing the refrigerators. 


Events are something to cherish and fall back to. Last year’s Christmas must have filled up your cup with lots of beautiful memories to sip in. However, there are some important dates of any events that you do not want to miss. You can get a dark tones magnetic fridge frame that stands out from the rest. This should be special for any important reminders. 

Slip in a piece of paper with prominent writing of data and even name in this frame and put it up your fridge. We assure you that you’ll never miss any event and will always be on time!

Make a Family Command Center

Running a family in an organized way is important! You need to divide roles and responsibilities for groceries, taking out the trash, vacuuming and even groceries. However, the more centrally placed these roles will be, no one will forget to do it on time!

The size 8.5×11 is perfect for customizing your refrigerator and bringing some organization to your life. You can also create a monthly calendar that can be fixed or updated on the spot. At least no one can deny that they didn’t see any update. Also, it will keep all the reminders handy and ensure that all chores are done on time.


The refrigerator does not need to be stored only. You can make it your favorite sport to start your day with. Making this corner an important stop can help you finish many chores on time. Every home has a refrigerator. This is a necessity. But you can create an opportunity out of this necessity with the help of magnetic picture frames for refrigerators.

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