5 Budget boats that you can buy for personal use

Budget becomes the main concern when planning to buy a personal boat. There are a huge variety of models available in the market and each claims its own unique qualities and reasons. Buying a budget boat does not only means considering the price of the boat, but there are also other important things that matter which includes engine, size, use, etc., in a nutshell, your personal requirements, and preferences. Only then compare the prices of different boats that fall into your category. You may visit Amarine.Store to have a better look at the different options available.

This seems to be a lot of work do but you don’t have to, here’s the list of 5 budget boats with their description, quality, and other informative things –

  1. Tracker Grizzly 1648 SC – Grizzly is a complete aluminium Jon boat which makes it durable. 1648 SC feature provides a big deck, wide beam, 2 pedestal seat bases, and a roomy interior. It comes with a motor and a trailer, which makes it more affordable. The downside of this boat is that it does not look very sporty but is very easy to handle and its durability compensates its looks.
  • Price – $9795
  • Maximum Person Capacity – 4
  • Maximum Weight Capacity – 550 lbs.
  • Total length – 16’1”
  • Fuel Capacity – 6 gal.
  • Engine – 20 ELPT FourStoke
  1. Mako Pro Skiff CC – Mako is the best affordable boat for saltwater boating because of its marine-grade vinyl which keeps its body protected from any salt spray. Some of the features of this boat are a big bow deck, large lockable storage. This boat is fast and nimble. The trailer of this boat is a hot-dipped galvanized mercury trailer. A skiff is also a good option for fishing and water sports.
  • Price – $14,995
  • Maximum Person Capacity – 5
  • Maximum Weight Capacity – 825 lbs.
  • Total length – 15’2”
  • Fuel Capacity – 6.6 gal.
  • Engine – 40 ELPT FourStoke.
  1. Sun Tracker Part Barge 18 DLX – The best thing about this boat is its stability because of the multi-chambered pontoon logs. The vinyl is easily wipable. It has a full-width swim platform which makes the water more accessible. It’s best for partying and recreation because of the wide space and a built-in stereo.
  • Price – $17,295
  • Maximum Person Capacity – 9
  • Maximum Weight Capacity – 1220 lbs.
  • Total length – 20′
  • Fuel Capacity – 32.1 gal.
  • Engine – 40 ELPT FourStoke Command Thrust
  1. Sun Tracker Bass Buggy 16 DLX – This boat is perfect for family fishing due to its weight holding capacity and fold-down fishing seats. It has an aerated live well, vinyl flooring, rod holders, and under-seat storage.
  • Price – $13,992
  • Maximum Person Capacity – 7
  • Maximum Weight Capacity – 1150 lbs.
  • Total length – 16′
  • Fuel Capacity – 6.6
  • Engine – 25 ELPT FourStroke
  1. Sea-Doo Fish Pro – A fun and fast boat. It provides a stable and comfortable fishing seat, a cooler, and fishing rod holders. Its 850 pounds weight makes it easier to toe. It has plenty of cargo storage to carry your fishing gear. The only drawback of this boat is its maximum person holding capacity. It also has a boarding ladder so it becomes easier to climb aboard.
  • Price – $14,799
  • Maximum Person Capacity – 3
  • Maximum Weight Capacity – 600 lbs.
  • Total length – 14’7″
  • Fuel Capacity – 18.5 gal.
  • Engine – Rotax 1503 NA

You may upgrade your boat by installing multiple Boat Accessories as per your requirements and we recommend checking https://amarine.store for all boating requirements online. Some of the suggested accessories are a water-proof notepad, a water-proof speaker (solar-powered), sunglasses, a drone, etc.

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