5 Reasons You Might Need a CCTV

Are you thinking of a CCTV INSTALLATION IN SYDNEY?

Security and privacy have become more and more crucial for most individuals and households. Thieves have become more assertive and advanced in terms of trying to break into houses. Not to mention, the COVID pandemic left several people jobless, and the dangers of them taking valuable items when household owners least expect it is no longer news.

Installing a CCTV is one of the most effective countermeasures against threats to security and privacy.

At first, it might sound improbable to you, especially in Sydney, where the locals are as sunny as its climate. Not surprisingly, it has high residential costs while also being among the top 10 places to live in.

In contrast, you might be too distracted by this friendly city that you let your guard down completely. To this effect, some people think that CCTV installation is excessive or extra. The truth is it acts as your silent guardian and enables you to catch people with poorly placed intentions. To help you reassess your need to install a security camera and keep your family and home safe, here are five key points you must consider.

You live alone.

Yes, living alone is liberating, but it is tough for the most part. You can pretend all you want, or add props such as additional men’s shoes by your doorway, but it does not eliminate the possibility of becoming a soft target. With a CCTV, you can monitor who lingers around your place. Check out familiar faces from those that are not.

There have been previous reports of a robbery in your neighbourhood.

As scary as it may sound, some thieves tend to frequent a particular town or hang outside a specific store without permission. Each time you need to leave your house, you can check whether it is safe or not, using a CCTV to monitor movement. You can scan the area in advance and leave once the coast is clear.

You don’t have pets.

Pets like dogs and cats are susceptible to the warning signals they pick up. The amazing thing is they can pinpoint what it means right away. On the other hand, a high-quality CCTV will serve as extra senses for determining whether something dangerous or ill-intended is lurking in the corners of your neighbourhood.

You have kids or young children at home.

If you have little bundles of joy, it would be best to install your CCTV outside your home. Some toddlers are excited to meet new people. Some are also eager to run outside their houses and explore. More advanced CCTVs come with a projector that you can install inside. This way, when someone knocks on your door or gate, you can verify that it is safe before you open your door. 

Someone in the household or neighbourhood suffers from mental health issues involving their memory retention.

The challenging part about living with Alzheimer’s or dementia is they hardly remember who you are. When left unattended, they may leave the house without a clear path or idea of where to go. With a CCTV in place, you can check which places they’ve gone to and retrace their steps to their current location.

Use this simple list as your guide whenever you plan to have a CCTV INSTALLATION IN SYDNEY.

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