5 steps to help you effectively implement Account-based marketing

If you are running a business, you should always have different marketing techniques under your sleeves. We are currently living in a very diverse and competitive landscape wherein being dependent on a single marketing strategy will never work. This is where modern marketing miracles like account based marketing comes into the picture.

In the past couple of years, we have seen a rise in the popularity of account based marketing since it allows marketers to land the big sales whales proving to be one of the biggest secrets of success for both the marketing and sales team. If you shift your focus to those accounts that are more likely to purchase from you then with minimum effort, you will start getting better results.

But just because account based marketing offers a long list of benefits, it doesn’t mean that it is easy to implement. You have to take care of many aspects while using account based marketing in your firm. And in order to make things easier for you, we have come up with a 5 step process for effectively implementing account based marketing in your firm.

Define your strategic accounts

You need to begin implementing ABM marketing in your firm by firstly defining your strategic accounts. Till now, if you are only able to identify your valued accounts but in order to use ABM marketing effectively, you will have to dig deeper into your data and find out particular attributes related to that account only.

You should have a clear picture of an ideal customer in your mind and for this, you have to evaluate firmographic data, digital behavior, sales named accounts, and even strategic needs. This way, you will be able to define your strategic accounts to others without any confusion.

Create personalized messages

Now that you have your dream accounts separated, you need to step back, pick up your old content and find out what has worked and what has failed miserably. But don’t confine yourself to social performance, impressions, and click-throughs as you need to include advanced segmentation in order to streamline your asset analysis.

Without personalization, you will be going nowhere in ABM marketing as ABM marketing is all about reaching the right person with the right message and at the right time. So, when you are designing a message, you need to add value to the message on the basis of the attributes of your account.

Find the right channels

In addition to creating personalized messages, you will also need to focus on choosing and building optimized touchpoints for your lead nurturing strategy. One thing that you have to keep in mind here is every persona that you will be reaching out will respond in a different way and it will depend on the type of channel you will be using. But still, you need to maintain consistency among all the channels that you use for account based marketing tactics.

In addition to this, you should never be afraid of using traditional channels as they can prove to be as effective as modern channels. The best approach will be to use a mix of both traditional and modern channels for account based marketing tactics.

Draft a campaign

While drafting a campaign for your account based marketing tactics, you need to give priority to relevancy and speed. The type of content that you are using might be unique, informational but if it goes unnoticed then all your efforts will go astray.

Here, you have to focus on the timing and while targeting accounts, make sure that you are engaging with them in the small window of time they have allotted you. In addition to this, your team must be ready to provide quick responses as this will streamline your account based marketing tactics.

Run post-campaign evaluation

Just launching an account based marketing tactics and waiting for it to act as a magic wand for your company will never work. We are living in an era where evolution is crucial, even in the case of ABM marketing.

You need to keep tabs on how your ABM is performing and in addition to this, you also need to make required changes if things are not going as per plan. This will allow you to harness maximum benefits from your ABM campaign.

If you offer personalization instead of using the generic approach then the chances of the firm’s success will be maximum and this is what ABM offers to the firms. If you use the steps mentioned in this blog post,  you will be able to launch an ideal ABM campaign and harness all the benefits offered by this modern-day marketing miracle.


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