5 Things to Know Before Planning to Buy Instagram Followers

With roughly one billion active users worldwide, Instagram is a great space to promote your content and increase your brand value. But, gaining followers is not an easy business. And truth be told, very few people have the necessary time to put so much time into their social media accounts. 

You might be wondering then, how do influencers get so much traffic on their posts? Well, there is an easy way out – buying real Instagram followers from trusted websites. The upshot of the best instagram followers buy is that you can reach new people from all over the world within a short period. It increases the chance of your content being seen by more people and increases your engagement rate.  

Furthermore, buying followers can help in your organic growth by giving it a certain amount of credibility. Like any other business, authenticity is a great way to boost your brand value. As per statistics, influencer marketing is expected to be worth 13.8 billion by the end of this year. 

So, if you are planning to buy new Instagram followers, here are five things you must consider before taking up final decision-


  • Bulk buy or single buy: –

Generally, vendors offer two options while buying Instagram followers. One is bulk buy- say, a thousand followers at once; while the other is drip-buy- a thousand followers total but in a week or five days.

The benefit of drip-buy is it looks natural, and according to the vendors, your profile won’t come under Instagram’s radar for violating their terms and conditions. While buying followers, check if the vendor is offering real followers or not because accounts created solely for following your profile won’t ratchet up your engagement rate. 


  • Buy engagement: –

If you are looking for more engagements in a short span of time, you can also buy comments and likes. Consider this; you are spearheading a brand-new project. You want people to know about it and participate in your project. However, you are running short of time.

In that case, buying likes and comments along with followers will quickly increase your engagement rate. As a result, your post will be shown in the recommended feed of other users. Furthermore, you will gain new followers and a new group of niche audiences too. 


  • Beware of Bots: –

Instagram has constantly been upgrading its AI tools to remove inactive and bot accounts from its platform. So, be aware of vendors that sell bots and dormant accounts. Because it only looks good on paper (page). In reality, it won’t increase your engagement rate. 

Furthermore, after a while, you will see your followers count dwindling as Instagram starts removing them. Your posts won’t appear in suggested search results too. Overall, a huge loss if you factor in the money you put behind this. 


  • Price: –

Consider the cost-benefit ratio before buying followers or likes and comments. Having more followers on your page will make your page more popular and give it a mark of authenticity.

But ultimately, if your goal is to earn from your Instagram account or use it for business purposes, then consider buying bulk followers as it costs less than buying in silos. For example, buying 500 followers will cost you nearly 20$ whereas, at 60$, you will get 5000 followers. 


  • Beware of Phishing: –

Nowadays, cyber-attacks have become quite common. Phishing is one of the commonest forms of cybercrime through which bogus websites can steal your password, credit card details or even your identity. 

You might need to share your credit card details or other digital banking details while buying their services. So, do look if they have the necessary web certifications and have a secure payment gateway. You can check their certifications from their website only. 

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing communities on the internet. As it is a community and not just a social app, brands actively promote their products through influencers. So, buying paid followers has also become an accepted practice among influencers and celebrities. Generally, it takes 3-4 days for your purchase to show an effect on your page. For a bulk buy of 10000 followers or more, you should wait at least a week to see the reflection on your profile. 

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