5 Top Reasons Why You Should Go For a Camping Trip

Nothing beats the experience of sitting close to a campfire, under the star-lit sky, while roasting marshmallows and exchanging stories with friends and then sleeping in cozy tents. It is an experience like no other, and many people worldwide enjoy camping and consider themselves regular campers.

When the weather is excellent and the mountains call you, you must answer that call and pack your bags.

Instead of bingeing a new show on Netflix over the weekend, a camping trip is a better alternative. There is no harm in escaping the concrete jungle and the daily routine for a while.

So, here are some reasons why you must grab your gear and go camping, even if it is for two days:

  1. It Is Economical

Once you go camping in your car or caravan, costs are minimised to the bare essentials, as the main expense of hotels and tickets is cut down.

The only expensive part of your journey would be the fuel cost for travelling back and forth to the campsite, other than that the costs of parking or the fee for a campsite are negligible.

Moreover, if you do not have the proper gear like tents and camping furniture, they can be leased from campsites.

  1. An Opportunity to Introspect and Learn

There must be a lot of feelings you have been ignoring or a lot of skills you have been trying to learn. A trip to the wilderness will minimise the distractions of your day-to-day life, making space for you to introspect and connect better with your emotions with a fresh and open mind.

Moreover, you can pick up a skill, learn the guitar while camping or knitting since you would have less distraction and will be able to focus better.

  1. A Healthy Lifestyle

Camping regularly promotes a healthy lifestyle. One indulges in many physical activities, from hiking to find a campsite to more extreme activities like free solo climbing.

Some campsites even have mountain bike trails or kayaking instructors. Participating in these activities will encourage you to stay fit back home as well.

Plus, there are no fast-food joints around, which reduces your consumption of junk food.

  1. A Chance to Bond With Friends and Family

Camping is an excellent way to improve your relations with family and friends as you get to spend more time with them without the obstruction of work and daily life routines.

Once you set up your tents and rest for a bit, you can focus on your companions entirely. Since there is no wifi in most campsites, you are bound to interact with people.

  1. A Natural Sleep Aid

If you toss and roll sides in the bed all night long, trying to get some sleep, then pack your bags for camping. It is believed that sleeping under the stars can fix your body’s biological clock and help you sleep better.

Sleeping under the stars in a cozy tent can improve your light to dark cycle, improving your biological clock.

So, make plans with your friends, pack up some tents and bare essentials, and head to the woods. It is beneficial for your body and the soul, as it gives you a much-needed break from the tiring zoom calls and monotonous routines.


Camping is an enjoyable and bonding experience for you and your companies. Even a short trip once in a while is bound to have positive effects on you.


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