5 types of Jewellery box ideas to organize your jewellery

Jewellery boxes play a significant role in every individual’s daily life. Jewellery is a precious commodity and needs to be handled with utmost care. We use jewellery almost every day in one form or the other. Jewellery boxes help in organizing the jewellery and prevent them from getting misplaced. These boxes are highly useful and keep your jewellery intact.


Jewellery armoires resemble furniture with drawers and have a number of compartments. This kind of a jewellery box is extremely useful if one has a vast collection of jewellery and they differ from one another. The different sections shall help one to separate one kind of jewellery from another. The drawers are usually padded to prevent any damage from affecting the jewels. Sometimes these boxes come with an attached mirror which enables the owner to have a look at herself while wearing the jewellery. The multiple drawers help you use the jewellery of your choice without delay. Thus, these types of boxes keep your jewellery safe and ready-for-use


As the name suggests, this type of jewellery holder work wonders if one needs to travel frequently. These boxes are usually smaller in size and allow portability. If one uses jewellery every now and then and for versatile occasions, these boxes serve great utility. The travel cases keep the jewellery intact and prevent it from external damage while travelling. Travel cases, although almost obsolete now, help the owner carry small pieces of jewellery while setting out on a trip. It has multiple sections for varied kinds of jewellery. Thus, it stores your ornaments effectively and helps you to use them when required.


The wooden carved boxes help in the effective storage of jewellery and offer an aesthetic and vintage look. The wooden box is carved with unique designs and helps in the efficient storage of your jewellery. If one has a thing for wooden artifacts, these boxes are great commodities of possession; these boxes are divided into multiple sections to cater to your needs. If one is passionate about collecting authentic jewellery from Hatton Garden jewellers, these jewellery cases offer the best solution by organizing your jewellery. These boxes are padded and protect the jewellery from extreme conditions.


Ring cases help in organizing your vast ring collection. These boxes allow you to store multiple rings in an organized way and enable you to choose the ring according to the occasion easily. These boxes are highly in demand and serve multiple purposes. They are compact and easily portable and occupy less space. The ring boxes have a number of slots and holders to keep the rings in place. They protect the rings from environmental damage and polish them individually while inserting the rings into the holders. These boxes come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and one can choose the suitable one for her according to the designs.


As the name suggests, these cases are designed exclusively to be attached to the wall. These cases are usually bulky and store a large number of jewellery. The case is divided into various slots and sections to separate one form of jewellery to the other. One could easily use the jewellery that has been organized in these cases as per the requirement.

Summing up, jewellery boxes serve a great deal of purposes and help in the effective utilization of storage facilities offered by them. Engagement rings Hatton Gardens are highly popular all around the globe and must be kept in efficient jewellery cases.

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