6 Trendy Programming Languages of 2019

6 Trendy Programming Languages of 2019

Software development and coding has more than 600 programming languages which are increasing on daily basis. Learning programing language all depends on you, your interest and medium, universal project or fix project, as a developer the Front and back end etc. OS is an essential platform if you ae working for a company or for yourself.

Here is a list of some most popularly used programming languages:

  1. Java:

Java rolls out in the low positions in last years according to surveys comparing. It offers open source, special designs of objects for better implementation. Java related technology is mostly used in android based systems. It is also popularly seen in memory management applications.

For better acceptance Java offers several library classes. An auto updater from Java SE 9 &OR JDK 9 (Standard Edition) will be launched which will not require user authority to update java. It is completely dependent on tools and slow in performance.

  • Python:

For any general-purpose project or website, Python is most popular high-level programming language. As it offers a large standard library with implementation features, it is famous among developers and getting viral.

Under beta version Python 3.7.0b1 has a lot of enhancements. Applications like business, database, software, education and many more are covered by it. It is not commonly used for mobile applications and legacy logic data for enterprises because of its run time errors and weakness in mobile computing.

  • PHP:

PHP earlier called as Personnel homepage is now-a-days called as Hypertext processor. It is a server-side scripting and HTML embedded language most popularly used for the designing and development of websites. The user control access is increasing on daily basis due to latest HTML 5 (Hyper Text Markup Language) &CSS 3 (Cascading Style Sheet).

PHP offers a number several frameworks for instance, Laravel, Cake PHP, Code Igniter, Zend Framework 2 etc. For larger applications is not standard. PHP programming language offer a high speed as compared to other languages.

  • C language:

C language is easy to understand and basic programming language. One can easily learn other languages if he knows C language as it has logic of binary operations.

It is used in both software development and hardware as embedded firmware due to its clarity.

User can easily think about the problems in programs easily due to structural blocks. C++ is defined with Object Oriented Programming concepts because it is not a OOP language.

  • Ruby:

Ruby is much more powerful than Python and Perl, you must have knowledge about Ruby on Rails which is basic framework of Ruby, to be expert in Ruby. Competitors like Node JS will replace Ruby according to a prediction, but this predication was changed by the update Ruby framework 5, day to day connection with the technology will be updated.

It has a high quality of code, time efficiency, scalability and is greater than other languages. GitHub, Air bnb, twitch and Shopify are some popular projects written in Ruby on Rails Framework. It succeeded in a short time period from 2004-2018.

  • Swift:

For developing macOS apps and native IOS aps it is very helpful as it is advanced programming language than objective C. It is user friendly and can reshape future. It is much influenced by Python and Ruby.

The latest version is Swift 4.1 supported by XCode9.2. Modern hardware has compiled and optimized it. It also offers runtime error correction and auto memory allocation. It uses modern ideas that are easy to implement. It makes a powerful connection of type interface and & pattern matching facility with modern lightweight syntax.

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