6 Uses of Having a Voice Assistant

The world of technology is a dynamic one. There are constant innovations that make our lives better and convenient. Similarly, smart homes have grown in popularity over the years. They have been popular among residents of the US and smart products have made their way to the market pretty successfully. One of the pieces of equipment that are pretty common in smart homes is Voice Assistant. Most of us are also used to using the voice assistant on our phones very often. Here are some uses of voice assistants.

For Playing Music

Most of us love music. For some of us music can help us destress after a long day at work. If you listen to music in your spare time then the voice assistant can be your personal DJ and play your choice of songs by merely a voice command. You can also connect them to Bluetooth speakers if you have a bunch of friends over at your place. If you are used to using a specific service then you can also connect your voice assistant with Spotify, Pandora, and tidal. If you still cannot get the track you want to listen to you can always connect your voice assistant to YouTube.

Another feature is that you can ask voice assistant to repeat the song that you want to hear again or you can also command your voice assistant to play similar songs to your taste of music. If there are some days where you are bored of your current playlist you can ask your voice assistant to play the radio by giving voice commands.

Make Shopping Lists

Every month we go through the tiring process of looking at what grocery we need to get for our home. This can be a tedious and monotonous task. If you are told that you can now make grocery lists by simply using your voice commands. You can go through your fridge and see which items are running out. You can command your voice assistant there and then instead of getting into the hassle of getting a pen and paper. Once you are at the supermarket you can view the list on your phone and keep canceling them out if you have bought them. There is another feature that you may like and that is that your family members can add to the list while you are at the supermarket without calling you or texting you.

You Can Switch To a Smart Home

Once you start using the voice assistant you will be tempted to also have a smart home due to the convenience, and ease it provides. Smart homes are tremendously helpful.  You can easily have a smart home if you have the Voice Assistant on a very low budget. You can connect to almost any device at home and make it smart. You can then start upgrading your home by adding new smart devices for aesthetics or use. Smart lights have become a popular choice for users who have a smart home as they have multiple settings to change colors and create the kind of ambience you want for a certain room. You can use the voice assistant to turn the lights off at night or wake up early in the morning so you do not get lazy.

Set Alarms and Timers

Have you ever tried baking a pizza and forgot it in the oven and it got burnt? How good would it be to have timers instead of burning foods? You have a solution! You can use your voice assistant to set timers to turn off the oven or stove. Similarly, you can also set alarms to wake up in the morning and not miss an important meeting. Another feature that voice assistant has is that it will wake you up in your favorite way. Is there a favorite song you want to hear while waking up instead of the boring alarm clock beep? The voice assistant has a feature for that too. Your voice assistant can also help you with your day’s agenda. You can schedule reminders and set your to-do list with your voice assistant. This can also help you with the productivity for the day and work at your optimum levels.

Your Kids Will Love It

Your kids will love the voice assistant especially if they are one of the curious ones and have too many questions. Your voice assistant will answer them and not get tired at all. They can also listen to their favorite songs and rhymes as many times as they want. You will have to teach them how to give a voice command which is not a very difficult job to do as the kids these days are pretty smart. This could be pretty educational if used the right way.

Driving Can Be Safe

So many accidents occur in the US because people want to use their phones while driving. Be it checking for messages or choosing to pick up an official call, they can be dangerous while driving. With the voice assistant, you can drive hands free while taking calls or replying to messages. This is an amazing benefit of the voice assistant which can help us as a society as a whole.

Final Thoughts

The Voice Assistant can be an amazing device to use to make your life easier and convenient. Not only can it help you with daily chores but also with keeping your kids occupied. However, it is also important to realize that we should not become extremely dependent on technology that we feel handicapped if we are required to do them on our own.

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