7 Things You Must Know About Rolex Watches

Rolex is one of the top watch brands in the watch industry – and the reasons are clear as day. From its unique catalog of brands to varying prices each, there’s a good feeling associated with having a model of this watch brand strapped on your wrist.


If you’re new to the Rolex brand, certain factors make it difficult to get a hang of the brand. Some of them may include:


  • its several details like reference numbers 
  • engravings on a particular dial
  • having to pay above a retail price for a new piece


These factors represent some of the mind-boggling questions you may have. Keep reading, as these tips and facts will help you understand all you need to know about Rolex watches. 

  1. A Catalogue of Classic Brands

One outstanding feature of the Rolex brand is the recurring models they give out to the public. Each new invention comes with updated features and qualities that constantly give it an edge amongst others.


One intriguing model that highlights the qualities of this prestigious watch brand is the Rolex GMT-Master II. This model was inspired by the need to make a timepiece that can read two different time zones simultaneously. 


The first released model has only been for the primary need of alternating between time zones, but presently, the new versions introduced around 1959-1983 have been a rebirth of the iconic masterpiece. 


Available in steel, this watch aside from being beautiful is masculine and has the perfect durability capacity – just perfect for the aviation brand.


There exist a plethora of other models of Rolex watches such as Oyster Perpetual GMT Master II, Rolex Sea-Dweller, Panerai watches, Oris watches, amongst others.

  1. Your Favorite Celebrities Wear Rolex 

Nothing excites more than seeing your product get into the right hands – used by those in the high cadre. It adds value and brings recognition to your brand while improving patronage, after all, everyone likes to be associated with people of prestige and power. 


Rolex Watches have not been left out of this, as they have a rich history of having been worn by world leaders and in great cinemas. Influential people like Sean Connery and Roger Moore are some of those who have worn the Rolex watches as James Bond.


In particular, the GMT Master II has been worn by Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now, making this brand one of the top to be featured in movies and cinemas around the world.

  1. References and Dial Variations

Using reference numbers and special dials makes the Rolex brand stand out from the rest.  You want to get a timepiece that ticks rare, spectacular, and classy – one you can always feel pumped to boast about.


Though there are requests to produce imitations of these timepieces, the efforts have not been successful as there are distinct qualities that distinguish them from the rest. 


Reference numbers and engravings on the dials are different from the imitations. And in doubt about buying a counterfeit, do well to cross-check with those in the manufacturers’ records. 


This kind of detail is mostly documented, making it easier to reach out for confirmation. The same goes with purchasing a timepiece off an auction sale – make sure you check in with the manufacturer to confirm that the watch is the real one.  


  1. Rolex Originated in London

Rolex is famous as a Swiss company but you probably did not know that the brand was founded in London by Britain and a German – Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis.


Since 1905 when it began to produce timepieces in London, the Swiss Watch Company has recorded massive growth. It began when Rolex entered a collab with Doxa, which led to the invention of the helium escape valve to let off helium gas build-up whenever there is a decompression. 

  1. It Uses the Most Expensive Metals

This is probably why this timepiece ranks as one of the most popular watches in the world – because of the components comprising it. 


Exclusively, this watch brand uses about 904L stainless steel for their watches, which is a far cry from when compared to other brands. This makes Rolex superior in both quality and their finished look. 


These metals which surpass the 316L metals used by other watch manufacturers allows for the finished products to be rust-resistance, corrosive-free, and durable as they are not easily prone to wear and tear.

  1. Rolex Makes Its Own Gold

Ever wondered why Rolex watches are consistent and unique in look and quality? They have an in-house foundry where the gold is used for manufacturing all the models produced by this brand.


Surprisingly, Rolex is the only watch company that produces the gold it uses for manufacturing its watches. This shows the extent to which they invest in making remarkable and outstanding watches.


Asides making their golds, Rolex runs an airtight test on their products to ensure that it passes air leaks tests, and cannot be infiltrated by water or any other moisture. Where there is a discovery of a condensation or water infiltration by the check conducted by the optical sensor, the watch is put away. 


  1. Rolex Has Its Own Science Lab


As part of its commitment to consistently produce quality timepieces, Rolex has an R&D department. This department comprises top-level science professionals stationed at various labs and research facilities. 


What the scientists do goes beyond merely researching new watches and possible styles for new products. It largely includes researching more efficient and futuristic manufacturing techniques. This helps them adapt to emerging trends in fashion and tech. 


The labs are diverse and a sight to behold, especially the chemistry labs, stocked with liquid-carrying tubes and gases, as well as beakers. This is where Rolex manufactures oil and lubricant for its classy timepieces. 


The stress test area of the lab is where bracelets, watch movements, and casings are manufactured. They undergo testing to verify that they can stand abuse and wear. If you’ve been wondering why Rolex watches last longer than imagined, here’s your answer. 



Rolex watches are one of the brands that will never go out of style due to their meticulous standards. If you’ve come this far, then you certainly know a great deal about this brand now. Don’t hesitate to shop for yours.

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