8 Brilliant Ways To Teach Yourself Korean for Free

Did you find speaking Korean challenging? Of course, it might be your first time jumping off to this language.

However, there are different ways for you to start your Korean lesson. Perhaps you can have it with 90daykorean, the top online Korean class with affordable prices. At some point, you can also teach yourself Korean that you don’t need to spend a single money or empty your pockets. But how?

So, let’s take a look at these brilliant ways to teach yourself Korean with free resources.


1.Mastery of Hangul on Learning Korean


Hangul is the Korean alphabet and necessary for taking your top option in this language lesson. You can’t begin your study without learning it. The quicker you learn the Korean alphabet, it’s easy for you to write simple characters.

So, practice makes this language lesson better and makes it a fun journey —most native Korean use this to start learning the language.


2.Exploring Different Words Daily


After you analyze that you’ve done your first try to learn Hangul, it’s your time to learn Korean words daily. Well, not that easy as you can imagine mastering this language pronunciation.

But once you begin studying a new word every day, you will be looking forward to making a Korean conversation and grammar reading. Make sure to get translators for a better understanding of the Korean language.


3.Learn Korean Using Flashcards


Apparently, by making your flashcards, you can surely start studying. It’s a way to learn this language and test yourself on creative resources. Perhaps it’s not just a perfect way to begin this language learning but also an excellent way to stimulate your memory and remember the Korean language concepts.

You can have it by pair with your friends, make it a fun game. Try to flip the card, or even translate English to Korean and repeat the process.


4.Free To Watch Korean Movies


Does it happen to you that you watch Korean movies in a day and keep on familiarizing the words? Well, use this idea to learn Korean by yourself. South Korea is known to create popular posts, videos, and movies globally, so why not venture your study by watching and familiarizing Korean words from the film? That’s your cue!

Make use of reading the subtitles for better translations. This will also enhance your reading comprehension and be an ideal way to learn Korean.


5.Listen To Free Korean Music


Listening and discovering your favorite Korean music is also a way to learn Korean. It’s like watching videos, but it’s more about listening and understanding the song’s message. Your progress on studying this as listening can be a way to sharpen your comprehension and even translate from Korean lyrics to English terms.

Now create a list of your favorite music videos and artists from South Korea. Ensure that you play and analyze the lyrics for better learning, and have it in minutes a day.


6.Use Free Korean Language Dictionary


Come across on stepping up your studying process, remember that dictionaries play a vital role in studying. At some point, upon learning Korean, you need to choose and select a free dictionary online. You can learn it at your office, home, or everywhere.

You already know that you can identify the related terms of the words, even the definition, and the Korean word’s pronunciation by using a dictionary. It’s a possible way to learn quickly by this vocabulary method.


7.Get To Use Loanwords


One way or another, you need to learn your new words and begin teaching yourself by building your vocabulary using loanwords. Perhaps, it’s often used by native speakers. You can study on learning English terms that have the same meaning and sound as Korean are loanwords.

Take this as an example: the Korean word is 초콜릿 (chokollit), and an actual Foreign language translation is also “chocolate.” That’s pretty interesting and one of the best ways to learn.

You can also apply the advantage of the Korean with the same term. There are many ways to learn through simple things, like also teaching yourself the Konglish method.


8.Enroll in Korean Online Writing System and Courses


If you’re more than interested and want to study Korean on your own, you need to venture into finding the best free online class lessons.

The best way for you to bring it to the next level is by analyzing your grammar on a free online Korean course and system to begin your language learning. Moreover, students find attending free Korean lessons online a great way and fun class to bring on.


Make It To the Next Level!

Do you want to learn quickly?

Learning a different language is hard at first. Still, it’s fantastic how you handle studying this language even though it has a different pronunciation, characters, and even grammar to your native language. More importantly, you must learn to love the Korean culture.

I hope that these given ways would help you learn this language and bring it to the next level. So, be one of the language learners and Korean speakers in just a little time.

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