9 Reasons to Study Medicine Oversees

Every year more and more foreign students go to study MBBS in Russia, China or even Latin America. What makes other countries so attractive? Get to know at least 9 benefits of studying abroad.

  1. Extensive learning opportunities. The education system of many countries allows students to independently choose subjects and schedule of lectures. This greatly simplifies life, especially if you have a part-time job or a desire to take additional courses. In addition, a student can receive a double degree in two different specialties.
  2. Easy admission to the university. Many Chinese universities can be entered without passing any specialized exams or external examinations. Enrolment in higher education is based on the average score of the certificate. Of course, you have to prove that you know Mandarin language at a sufficient level, and compared to other universities, the admission campaign is easier and clearer. If you are interested and planning to study MBBS in China, get an idea about Tianjin medical university seats as it offers quality medical education with economical fee structure.
  3. Independent life. Having chosen to study MBBS in Russia, start preparing yourself for independent problem solving – whether you want it or not. You will plan time for work and entertainment, you will prepare food and buy everything you need. It sounds a little scary, but this stage is perhaps the best preparation for adulthood.
  4. Practice. The curriculum of many universities provides not only mastering the theory, but also gaining practical skills. An internship may even be mandatory – after graduation or during the training itself. The visa regime of many countries allows students to stay in the country of study for about a year after graduation to gain experience.
  5. Travel. Often, students of foreign universities have many opportunities for travel. Special programs, low ticket prices or simply no visa restrictions come in handy – new countries are insidiously waiting for you while you sit in the library for an essay.
  6. Expansion of worldview and opportunities. Each country has its own approach to life. You will meet people with a different mindset, a new approach and more open to experimentation. As a rule, it is much easier to create your own start-up or receive a grant for the development of new areas of research due to long-term government programs to support innovation.
  7. Learning foreign languages. Representatives of many countries usually come to the programs for foreign students. Thus, studying abroad you get the opportunity to learn the language of the host country plus practice other languages ​​with their native speakers. Some students even make money on such language lessons.
  8. Employment of dreams. An international degree increases your chances of getting a dream job in Russia or abroad. International companies in Russia and China are friendly to candidates with medicine background, and usually offer a higher level of income. Immediately after graduation you can earn from 100 thousand dollars a year.

Agree, the right choice of education abroad will directly affect your future. It is worth consulting someone who knows the benefits of educational programs, the intricacies of admission and visa issues. Maybe Anyway will change your life?

The international universities offer multiple advantages to foreign students. From receiving high salary to leading an independent life, you will learn everything smoothly by studying in a Russian university. Read on to know more!

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