A guide on Valorant and how to win

Valorant has broken all possible records when it comes to first-person shooter battle royale games in the genre, and it has become the talk of every gamer, no matter whether they have played this game or not. Those who have played this game cannot help but sing praise about it, and those who haven’t can’t wait to get started, and it is really not that hard to understand why that is the case.

RIOT Games have created a phenomenon with its great gameplay and excellent marketing strategy, making everyone clamor to get their hands on this piece.

Now, if you are a beginner at Valorant or planning to start your journey right now, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind before you do just that. You can also visit https://battlelog.co/valorant-hacks-cheats-aimbot-esp/ to learn some tricks and win Valorant like a pro. 


Valorant is quite different from other games in the genre as it offers 15 different agents for one to play through. Every agent in Valorant has their own unique set of skills and abilities, which can be upgraded when the character levels up. And although one should get familiar with every agent offered by Valorant and play with them at least a couple of times to find their strength and weakness, if you want to win in Valorant, you have to pick two or three agents best suited for you and devote your time and energy into upgrading them.


Valorant is like a typical game from the genre in this regard. You play as a part of a 5v5 match with 24 rounds, with the first team to reach 13 wins. If by the end of 24 rounds, the score is tied at 12 apiece, then a deciding 25th round is played. Both teams take turns attacking and defending, depending on the game mode.

As Valorant is a squad-based game, communication is a key to victory here. One cannot afford to go solo as sooner or later they will be double teamed by the enemy squad, and for a beginner, that’s a death sentence. The better you communicate with your teammates, the higher your chance of winning the bout.

Make sure the settings are well adjusted.

One common mistake made by new players of Valorant is that they do not customize the setting according to their preference. While the default setting is good enough for casual players, it is not the right setting if one to wants to win constantly at Valorant.

Preparation for the match

If you are a serious gamer, which can be easily assumed as you are reading this blog, then you need to prepare yourself to do your very best to compete in Valorant. The first thing you need to do just that is to prepare yourself is to get familiar with the guns in Valorant. Not every weapon is the same; some have more recoil while shooting, while some have a better range and accuracy. The more you practice with every gun that is available to you, the better your chance of finding the setup that suits you the best.

Agents Roles

While there are fifteen different agents for one to playthrough in Valorant, these fifteen agents are classified into four roles, Controllers, Initiators, Duelists, and Sentinels.

Controllers are specialized in providing support to their team with smokes, slow, and walls. Brimstone, Astra, Viper, and Omen are the four controller class agent in the game.

Initiators are also a support class, but they provide a more recon type of support to their teammates. There are three initiator class agents in Valorant – Sova, Skye, and Breach.

Duelists are the fighter class, and one could choose from five different duelists in Valorant – Yoru, Phoenix, Raze, Reyna ad Jett.

Sentinels are defensive experts, and there are three agents in this class – Killjoy, Sage, and Cypher.

Game modes

There are four different game modes one could choose from in Valorant.

  • Unrated & Rated

It is pretty straightforward; you play as a member of a five players squad, and you have to defeat the opposing team by winning 13 rounds out of 24. If there is a draw, you can either play one more game to determine the winning team or end the game in a draw. It is a decision made by the entire server, and your choice might not matter much.

  • Deathmatch

It’s a free for all with the first player to reach the 40 kills declared winner or the player with the most point when the timer hits zero.

  • Spike Rush

Similarly, to unrated and rated, it’s a 5v5 match, but a team has to score only four rounds to win the game.

  • Escalation

It is the game’s newest mode, where a team has to level up by killing enemy players and getting a better gun. The first team that completes the 12 levels or is at the highest level when the times up wins the match.

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