A Simple Guide to PDF vs. Word File: Which is which?

Both Word and PDF (Portable Document Format) files are beneficial in compiling our documents. Though many argue that one is better than the other, still, we can’t deny that both of them have their pros and cons. Their differences make both formats unique.

Some people convert their files’ format depending on the function that they want. Deciding what to use for your document is easy. تعليم القمار You need to be sure of the features that you will need when making a document. العاب تربح جوائز حقيقية Below is the comparison of both formats, showing their similarities and differences.


  • Mobile Friendly

Starting with the most basic one, either it is Word to PDF or vice versa, both formats are mobile-friendly. Is there anything today that is not mobile responsive? The convenience of opening these files on your mobile makes the person’s life easier since they can open and edit them without the need for their laptop or personal computer.  

  • Password Protected

Privacy is a key component when creating a document. If you want to keep your file private, both formats got you covered! You can put a password on both Word and PDF documents. Since both of them have a feature to encrypt your work, this will ensure that no one can open the file unless they have the password.

To make our life easier, we always want to have a copy and paste function in a text file. بيت واي In the Word file, we can use the copy and paste feature. zaklady bukmacherskie fortuna oferta However, with a PDF file, there are some limitations. We can also use the function in PDF only if there is no encryption in the file, which means that if the file does not have a password. Otherwise, the full function of copy and paste can be used.


  • You can’t edit a PDF file

First and foremost is the edit function. This is the most distinct difference between them. When making a document file, we are always using the Word format. In this format, we can freely edit the font size, color, and more. We can even insert pictures using it. automaty online o peníze On the other hand, you will not be able to edit a PDF file. Unlike in a word file, you cannot start from scratch in PDF format. 

This editing difference between them is a pro rather than a con for the reason that, since PDF is not editable, even if you open it on your mobile or other devices, the text and other elements present in the document will not change. This is unlikely to happen in a Word file. Most often than not, once you open your file on another device, the text and pictures will most likely move. That is why some people are converting from word to PDF, especially when they are going to open it on another device. 

However, there is a choice for you to edit the PDF file by installing Adobe Acrobat. Some people find it troublesome since they need to install other software to edit it, so converting the file from word to pdf is the easiest way. Just a note, converting a PDF file to Word file is also possible. You can do this if you want to make some changes to your document.

Did you know…

Did you know that Word and PDF were created by different developers? Word file is developed by the famous Microsoft, while PDF file is by Adobe. Though there is an option in Microsoft Word to save the file directly as a PDF, do not befall. Both developers want to make our life easier, so they made this compatible with each other. automaty online sizzling hot

These are the rundown of the comparison between Word and PDF files. Regardless of your preferences, it is undeniable that both formats have their unique use. The decision will just come down to the user. Also, take into consideration the convenience of using this format, though, they are both handy pick the format that will make your work smooth sailing.

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