Advantage of GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices in Fleet Industries

Global positioning system, commonly known as GPS which is widely used in logistics and transportation sectors.  The need for GPS vehicle tracking is increasing as it serves the prime purpose of solving the live location traking.

Why do fleet industrialists need GPS vehicle tracking? 

GPS vehicle tracking allows you to track vehicle location, driver behavior, fuel usage analysis, driver routes, truck idle, and also your vehicle condition.

 Here are some advantages of using the vehicle tracking system in your fleet business.

  • Route planning.
  • Asset tracking.
  • Maximize vehicle utilization
  • Reduce maintenance cost

Alerts from vehicles

Route planning:

Route optimization is one of the difficult things in the fleet industry,

It is not only about finding the shortest routes between the pickup location and destination but also finding the best route to reach the destination without much delay.  

The job becomes complex when fleet manager plans for cost effective route  optimization Fleet manager need to consider the following factors in route optimization:

  •       No of pick-up
  •       multiple drops
  •       weather condition
  •       traffic
  •       road condition

 How GPS helps in route optimization?

GPS tracking software helps to make route planning simple. It optimizes route based on the existing trip records, no of delivery location, no of left-hand turns, and the number of intersections.

 With the help of GPS tracking software like GPSVTS, you can plan the best cost-efficient route. 

Asset tracking:

 Asset tracking is used to monitor your fleet’s assets movements and their usage, So assets will be safer.

 Why do we need to track assets?

 Assets are valuable company properties. Using GPS assets tracking, will increase assets control, provides security, prevents asset theft, and schedule asset maintenance.

Maximize vehicle utilization:

In the fleet industry, vehicle utilization is the most when it comes to productivity. How is it important? 

The location of a vehicle is more important for the proper vehicle utilization, the fleet manager can detect the free vehicle using GPS software, and he can easily assign a vehicle for the upcoming task.

 Identifying vehicle location helps for maximum truck utilization.

 Reduces maintenance cost:

 GPS vehicle tracking system, collects all vital information of vehicle using the GPS devices installed based on the data analysed by tracking software the fleet operators

Monitor driver behavior

engine idle time


Vehicle Mileage.

 By tracking all the above factors, it will help fleet operators will get insights of vehicle and maintain the vehicle accordingly to reduce the maintenance cost. Now softwares like fleet management software can help you to manage fleet problems.


Alerts from vehicle:

 GPS vehicle tracking system sends an alert message to the respective feet manager or fleet owner, when the vehicle shows abnormal activity.

 Types of alerts

 Engine idle alert.

  • Speed alert.
  • Longstop alert.
  • Geofence alert.

Engine idle alert:

When the truck is idle for a longer period, the installed GPS device will record and it will send an alert message, So you can reduce unwanted fuel wastage.

Speed alert:

Whenever a truck is driven at high speed, then GPS will send an alert message.

Over speeding reduces mileage, leads to vehicles out of control, and less safety for the public. You can also track your truck using a truck tracking system.

Longstop alert:

It’s bad to stop a vehicle in rest while on a trip, this will affect the timely delivery of freights. If the truck is resting for a long time, the GPS tracking system will send an alert.

Geofence alert:

GPS tracking software allows you to set boundaries for a tri; if the trucks cross their boundary limit, GPS will send a geofence alert.

These alerts will give extra security and safety to vehicles and as well as assets.

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