All About Chime ATM Limit

The Chime mobile Bank is considered to be the greatest combination of technology and finances. It provides easy and straightforward solutions to all your money handling and financial requirements. Chime provides all the services of a traditional bank just a click away. It saves your time and unchains you from the hassle of long queues and handling cheques. It offers various services like Visa Debit Cards, saving and spending accounts, and ATM Withdrawals.
Here, we will discuss all Chime ATMs. The Chime ATM Withdrawal limits, Chime ATM Network, and Finding the Chime ATMs are all a part of the blog. You can find more about Chime ATM Withdrawals at

Chime ATM Network

Chime is one of the top-banks having fee-free ATMs. It has more than thirty-eight thousand ATMs. You can locate the nearest ATM within seconds. The Chime ATM Locator helps to do so. It will navigate you to the nearby ATM and help you proceed with your work. Chime has Money-Pass and Visa Alliance ATMs that are fee-free. However, ATMs outside the network charge a fee of $2.50.

Chime ATM Withdrawal Limits

Like other traditional banks, Chime too has set certain limits. Nevertheless, its remarkable features like no minimum balance requirement, no overdraft fees, and no transaction fees, make it superior to others.

Withdrawal Limits-

There are no limits to the number of timeless you make a withdrawal. However, you are always restricted to daily money withdrawals. The ATM Withdrawal has a limit of $500 per day. The power to increase the limits lies only with Chime.

Chime ATM Deposit Limits

You can make deposits through any of the modes supported by the Chime virtual bank. Chime supports the following ways-



Chime allows you to make a direct deposit. You need to provide your Chime routing number and the spending account number for the same.



Another way of making a deposit is through Chime Transfer. You can either make a transfer from an outside bank to the Chime Spending account or can also find financial institutions supporting the service. The Chime mobile app helps to find the institution.


Mobile Check or Cash Deposit-

You can find the mobile check option on the Chime app. However, if you want to make a cash deposit, it can be done with the help of any GreenDot location near you.

The Chime Deposit limit is $1000 per day and $10,000 per month.


Is it possible to make a saving account withdrawal at an ATM?

Chime only allows ATM withdrawals through the Chime Spending Account. If you require to withdraw the funds from the Chime Savings Account, transfer the payment to the Chime Spending Account. Chime allows six such transactions every month.

To transfer money from Chime Savings Account to the Chime Spending account-

Login to the Chime Account or go to the Chime app
Click on the Move Money option
Select Transfer
Fill in the pre-requisites and make the transaction.
Bottom Line

Chime Bank has plenty of options to meet the financial needs of the present world. If you are new to online banking, choose Chime and get the most comforting and fast solutions. Chime has also eased the process of ATM Withdrawals. It has also opened up different ways in case the ATM Withdrawals do not work or are further. Chime has also set up the ATM Withdrawal Limit. You should always keep a check on these limits and avoid any future glitch.

Hence, Chime’s financial services are highly reliable and trustworthy. They are always available to help you out.


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