Are Socks With Sandals Cool?

The air gets chiller with the changing season, and it is finally time to wear a pair of warm socks. You may get tempted to wear them with sandals, but you’re worried if they may seem vague or a lazy fashion. 

The good news is socks with sandals have been cool and widely favoured in every country. Yes, you can now wear the combination of an ankle socks with sandals and rock the look.

Are you curious about this extraordinary fashion style? Read on and understand what makes this combo stylish. 

How Did the Fashion Trend of Sandals with Socks Start? 

You’d be surprised to know that socks and sandals are not recent trends or boomer fashion. The blend of comfort and style was brought together back in ancient Egyptian and Roman times. 

The unpopular combination of socks and sandals is often found in central and eastern Europe and mainly in Germany. Plus, the Americans had gladly welcomed the comfort of the conjecture of the two footwear. Since then, the combination was also found in western Europe. 

Soon, nobody cared whether the two footwears looked out-of-fashion or a vague style. It was widely accepted thereafter. 

What Makes Socks with Sandals a Great Combo? 

When thinking of the socks and sandals combo, you may perceive it to be a boomer fashion. However, many people across the globe have loved the combo and choose to wear it daily. Take a look at the reasons why this combo is such a big hit. 

The Japanese Wear It for Traction 

Socks and sandals have a long history in Japan. In the east, several construction workers and heavy laborers wear sandals with socks. Why? The combo offers a natural ability for traction on the ground. 

Back in the olden times, Japan wore Tabi, the partitioned socks with geta thong sandals. Later, the tabi socks evolved into Jika-tabi that incorporated thicker construction and rubber soles. You may consider the Jika-tabis to be similar to the knit boots. 

Japan has been using the style for a long time, and they vouch for its comfort and ability to provide free movements. 

Celebs Have Accepted the Trend

Celebrities are the first to accept any new fad. So, socks and sandals came into the limelight as soon as celebrities were spotted wearing the footwear combo casually. Soon, companies like Adidas sensed the need for socks and sandals for athletes and introduced them after that. 

The company also started a campaign called the socknslides that captured several athletes rocking the combo. 

Everyone gladly embraced the style and incorporated its use in their daily wear. So, yes, it is certainly not embarrassing to wear a pair of ankle socks with sandals! 

Confident And Comfortable

Now that you know, Celebs have loved the socks and sandals trend, and you can also rock the look confidently. Plus, think about the incredible comfort this footwear brings! As the fashion world has evolved to accept comfort with style, you can derive the advantage. 

Wrapping Up

Socks and sandals may seem like a fashion style from a parallel universe. Although, many celebrities and athletes vouch for its aesthetics and comfort. 

If you wish to rock a pair of ankle socks with sandals, head to an online store and match the two footwear to shop!

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