Avoid These Common Blush Mistakes

Applying blush seems to be a simple task, right? However, it entails more than just smiling and applying a pretty pink blush to the apples of your cheeks. In reality, there are a few common mistakes you may be making when applying your favorite flush-faking product that could turn your appearance into something akin to a clown’s. 

Blush is a simple way to brighten, refine, and bring life to even the dullest of complexions. Most women, however, are guilty of a few sly blush gaffes that can totally derail our whole makeup look.

So, steer clear of the following blush faux pas and learn what to do instead. Let’s have a look at some common mistakes to avoid while using blush.

Not using according to face shape

One of the most common blush mistakes is not paying attention to what will look best on your face shape when applying the product. It’s crucial to consider your individual facial proportions when choosing a color so that it flatters them.

Choosing the wrong shade and finish

Choosing the wrong shade and finishing for your features is the quickest way to guarantee a bad blush day. Don’t choose a colour makeup item only because it catches your attention like you would for any other. It’s important to choose a blush makeup that complements your skin tone and texture. A blush with shimmer or glitter, for example, can draw attention to unevenness if you have wide pores or blemishes.

When choosing a color, look for one that closely resembles your natural flush. A light baby pink would look best on you if you have fair skin. Olive skin will look lovely in soft peach hues, while medium-toned skin will look lovely in subtle berry blush.

Mixing wrong textures

The wrong textures mixed can have a negative impact on your overall look. If you’ve already powdered your face, avoid applying a cream or gel blush on top, as this can result in a messy appearance. That means a powder foundation should always be combined with a powder blush. Creams, on the other hand, maybe worn on their own or over cream or liquid formulas.

Going overboard with the product

Make sure you don’t overdo it with the blush! Applying too much misses the whole point of using blush to begin with—which is to create a genuine-looking flush. Simply brush on a sheer, buildable blush in light strokes with a blush brush. Before leaving the building, check your blush in various lights to see if you’ve overdone it.

Not putting it on the apt spot

It’s all about where you put your blush on your face. In most situations, the substance should be applied in the middle of your face, from your ear and moving forward to the apples of your cheeks. If you blend too high, low, or close to your nose, you could end up looking ruddy. Going too low on the scale can also make you seem older. Focus your blush on the sides of your face and blend it inwards to achieve a natural-looking finish.

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