Benefits of Using Dumbbells for Women Who Do Fitness

Benefits of Using Dumbbells for Women Who Do Fitness

When you go through a fitness program, you must be familiar with hearing barbells. Objects that have this level of weight are indeed designed to strengthen the muscles in the arms. But it turns out that some benefits can also be made if you use this tool regularly.

At the beginning of the exercise, you will be advised to use a barbell that weighs only about 3-5 kg. This is intended as an introduction to your muscles. The weight on the dumbbell will be added gradually if you feel that the weight previously placed on you is too light. Now, let us take a look at some of the benefits of using dumbbells for women beneath.

Advantages of women using dumbbells

It is undeniable that one of the most popular types of exercise is weight training. This sport is popular among men, but it is still rare for women to want to practice the sport. Women are afraid because they think it will make the body muscular and no longer as sexy as they imagine. In fact, weight training brings tangible and satisfying results. Now, women need not be afraid to do weight training because we at the fitlifefanatics will share the benefits of using dumbbells for women that can be a new routine for you and is worth trying.

  • The Key to Getting Rid of Fat

The obvious follow-up to the above sentence is to burn more calories. With weight training, you build lean muscle and metabolically active muscle where carbohydrates and body fat are burned for energy. The more muscle you have, the higher your basal metabolic rate (BMR), so you burn more calories during exercise. BMR is the body’s calorie needs to perform basal activities; for example, when sleeping and doing nothing, the body continues to do activities. These activities include pumping the heart, breathing, maintaining body temperature, and digesting food.

  • More Effective Than Cardio

Many people think that cardio is the key to losing body fat. However, according to several personal trainers, cardio exercises such as running or cycling make muscles tense which can cause injury and will not build muscle. In addition, weight training is an endless exercise, so it’s not as boring as cardio.

  • Weight Training Doesn’t Make Your Body Big and Muscular

Getting bulky and muscular is the biggest misinterpretation when it comes to women and weight training. However, weight training can indeed make the body muscular only if a strict diet and special exercises accompany it. Women’s bodies are not designed to build muscle like men’s. This can happen because the level of testosterone in men is much greater than in women, and testosterone itself is the primary hormone you need to build muscle mass.

  • Bone Density Increases

Studies reveal that aerobics and resistance training help strengthen the bones’ ability to withstand weight, but resistance training is more effective. A personal trainer says that when bones are under stress from resistance training over long periods, they grow stronger and increase in density to withstand loads and stresses. Also, increasing bone density will help in reducing osteoporosis’s risk. 

  • Increase Strength and Increase Confidence

With each weight training, you will get stronger, and in the next exercise, you will be able to lift more weight than before. This leads to satisfaction and self-motivation.

He revealed that strength training in the gym could increase week after week, unlike fat loss programs that take a long time and complete patience, especially during the first five to six months of training. Besides, a female will gain confidence when she knows that she can lift more weights than most men.

The Body Is More Athletic

Everyone wants to have a toned body and ‘sculpted’ perfectly. Weight training is the way to achieve it. In addition, weight training also increases your ability to do other types of exercise.

Any personal trainer who has coached a number of athletes in rugby, triathlon, and motorcycle racers would understand this matter. The strength base built with weight training can help other elements of an athlete, including power, speed, agility, endurance, and muscle mass gain. Also, strength and weight training will eventually help your body face the stress while you work out. 

Best Women’s Weight Sets

Are you getting excited to lift the weight? Now, there are several things that you need to know, especially if you want to buy your own weight set. You cannot just pick up any weights available in the market. Although there is no difference for gender in this case, however, it would be redundant for you to lift something over 50+ lbs. Therefore, you may want to check a trusted source like fitlifefanatics website to make sure that you are picking the right weight. Besides, fitlifefanatics honest reviews will be very helpful so you can buy the best weight set that is compatible with your current workout routine. 

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