Best Stereo speaker by soundcore available on Christmas sale 2022

Christmas sales are making the best experience by the soundcore because of the best sales. Soundcore is providing sales on the stereo Bluetooth speakers at a discount because of the Christmas sales. The speaker we are talking about is Motion boom plus. They are famous for the name solid all-around speaker. Some bonus features of the motion boom plus are available in this article. This soundcore stereo bluetooth speaker has IPX7 water resistance and a strong Bluetooth feature. The stereo pairing of these Bluetooth speakers is also an attention-grabbing feature.

The EQcustom control adjusts the audio of your choice. You can buy this stereo bluetooth speaker at a discount from the official sites of soundcore. These are available at 20% off sale, making buying the best choice. The motion boom plus, available on Christmas deals, is the best stereo Bluetooth speaker. The motion boom plus is a gift for the one who wants to buy outdoor speakers at some discount. Here are the detailed features of these speakers.

What are the bonus features of sound core motion boom plus?

  • It was launched on February 20, 2019.
  • It is available at a 20% discount on the sale.
  • Dimensions of the outdoor speaker are 257 x 79 x 81 mm dimensions
  • The Weight of the speaker is 1.05kg
  • The model of the speaker is A3116
  • The water-resistant feature is IPX7
  • IPX7 rating is the water-resistant quality people love in terms of moisture resistance.
  • SBC and aptX features are also the latest in this stereo bluetooth speaker
  • The wireless and strong Bluetooth feature
  • Bluetooth multipoint with high strength of 5.0
  • The strong Stereo pairing
  • EQ control with the help of a companion app gives control over the sound
  • The microphone is there (useable via voice assistant)

Detailed Features:

Soundcore Motion boom plus, as a stereo bluetooth speaker, is best for outdoor parties as there are no sound distractions in the background of these speakers. They are portable speakers. The epic outdoor sound is managed by its stereo sound quality and booming. The improvements are made as follows:

  • The 80W booming sound carries the booming. This boom is provided by two 30W woofers painted up with 10W tweeters.
  • The bass-up technology intensifies the sound. The bass of these speakers is so intense that it keeps the parties active.
  • You can hear the bass with the proprietary BassUp technology.
  • This stereo bluetooth speaker resolves the treble issues.
  • The speakers have a solid ergonomic material that makes the internal features safe.
  • The titanium drivers are able to provide all-around high-intensity sound.
  • The speakers are portable because of their light weight. Take these portable speakers with you to parties or the beach.
  • Motion Boom Plus ensures 20 hours of playtime, containing a 13,400mAh battery capacity. It keeps you safe from the trouble of frequent and long-term charging.
  • The IP67 certification resists splashes, rainwater, or dust while you have outdoor parties.

Final words:

Motion boom plus is one of the best stereo speakers of the soundcore, having the best ergonomic quality and high bass. The perfect sound intensity is grabbing the attention of people around the world.

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