Can You Fix Your Broken Blinds At Home?


Keeping your blinds clean will ensure effective maintenance control. However, if you undergo blind repairs on damaged ones, it will solidify your privacy in a budget-friendly essence. 

Indeed, with over 8.3 million households, it is crucial to have all the privacy options in Australia. Ideally, these additions to your windows can help you with privacy and sunlight, but most importantly, they can keep your home aesthetic. 

Do you have damaged or broken blinds? Then, finding an exemplary service can be time-consuming. Instead, you can do it yourself!

Vertical Blind Slat – Broken 

You usually install these in areas that have high traffic, for example, your living room. However, your pets might swat it, and children can grab it, which causes the slat to fall. 

DIY: You will find a clip-on slot on top of the ripped slat. This element can fasten to the headrail but is not attached. So, you can flip the blind downside and make a hole in the other end. 

Once you are done, you can seamlessly hang it up and use paper clips or tape. In addition, this will fix the slot, and you can all set to put it back on the headrail. 

Window Blinds Slats – Cracked or Bent 

Window blinds can fall prey to children or pet shenanigans. Usually, it gets bent or cracked when they are rough with it. One of these slats can get damaged but is easily fixable. 

DIY: You need to get the extra slat and remove the cracked one. After reading through the instructions, you can replace them quickly. However, if you fail to acquire the extra one, you can take a bottom slat and move it to the upper position. 

Window Blinds Lift Cord – Broken 

If you already own blinds, you probably know the importance of the cord mechanism. It is an essential part, as it helps with lifting the blinds seamlessly. However, it can be flimsy and prone to damage or breakage, primarily when used frequently. 

Once it breaks, you cannot open or close the blinds without wrapping them together. 

DIY: You can replace the lift cord with one sourced from any hardware store. Moreover, you can even find it at craft shops or contact the blind manufacturer. 

Vertical Blinds – Jammed

Sometimes your blinds can get jammed if you have not maintained them regularly. You may have tried to force open the vertical blinds but to no avail. 

That is where DIY blind repairs come in. However, it is highly recommended to get assistance from professionals to get jammed blinds fixed. 

DIY: You need to do thorough research and analyse every nook and cranny of the blind. Once you have found the source of the jam, you can gently try to resolve it. However, you will need specific tools, or else your blinds can get damaged.  

The Bottom Line 

Window blinds can maintain privacy, keep your house temperature regulated and filter sunlight. However, absent-mindedness can cause damage to their delicate anatomy. 

Kids or pets can play with the blinds and get them damaged. Luckily for you, blind repairs at home are easy and doable. From a slanted or broken to a jammed window blind – You can fix them all. 

Even then, you will require the basic knowledge of how it works and be gentle with the process. 


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