Careers for Ful Stack developers

Careers for Ful Stack developers:

Human’s daily tasks are now performed by computers. Smartphones as working as mini hand-heldcomputers for shopping, communicating etc. Growth of technology has changed the way of life in preset and also will change the lifestyles of future.

Before having a look at top careers in full-stalk we should know who is a full-stalk developer, what are his duties and responsibilities.

Full-Stalk Developer:
The person who can do front end as well as back end side of web development is a Full-stalk developer. He has all the knowledge related to building all what users see and interact on websites, also he can design the overall structures of web applications.

Here is a list of top full-stalk developers careers.
1.Full stalk developr:
A person who can do front end as well as the back end work is called a Full-stalk developer. He is a combination of both. In technology industry, Full-stalk Development is considered as one of the highly paid jobs, according to an estimate, the median salary of a Full-Stalk Developer is $86,326 per year.

2.Front-End Developer:

Front-end developer has knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, like web designers.But front-end development is not used for designing a website.It includes a little work related to back-end. The median salary of a Front-end developer is almost, $73,552 per year.

3.Back-End Developer:

The opposite of front-end development is back-end development. Back-end development is related to the actual logic which is behind application, unlike front-end development, which is all around the user interface. The salary of a back-end developer is $92,489 per year.

4.Web Designer:

The person who creates the designs, and look for websites is called a Web designer. He uses tools like, HTML, CSS and JavaScript to perform his duty. The median salary of a web designer is nearly $58,717 FOR AN YEAR.

5.Web Developer:

Web development is mostly involved in the back-end side of websites, The skills of Web developers includes programming languages as, Python, Ruby, PHP. The estimate median salary of a Web developer is $73,552/year.

As technology is increasing day by day, the demnad of developers is also increasing accordingly. The future of full-stalk developers is very bright.

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