Cat Cabana: A Game Changer

It is a problem if your cats are not getting enough sunlight. Seeing cats sunbathe during their afternoon naps is adorable. But is this enough sun exposure enough for them to be healthy? It is not. However, you cannot keep them outside for a long period, and that is why you need a cat cabana

Veterinarians have stated that your pets should get at least twenty to forty minutes of direct outdoor sunlight every day. This is because when cats bask under the sun, it helps maintain their temperature while conserving their energy. And for your cats to have the perfect amount of sunlight, get them a cat cabana.

Easy to Assemble and Accessorise 

You might be thinking that from the looks of it, it would take a long time before your cat can enjoy the rays of the sun. But that is where you are wrong. These cat enclosures are easy to assemble that you would not even need a long time to have them set up. 

These enclosures are expandable and can be accessorised. On the other hand, your cats can get bored by simply staying outside, basking under the sunlight. But with accessories such as an additional cube providing a larger space to play on, a hammock that can be a comfortable bed for your cat while staying outside with shade sail on top of them to prevent them from sunburn, and a floating platform for them to climb, it is a different story. And with all these accessories, your cabana penthouse is the best thing your cat would ever experience. 

Gives Your Cats Freedom Outside

Your cats get bored, too. And if you have not noticed it yet, when they start to yawn frequently and stay in one part of your house for a long period, that is the effect of boredom getting into their system. 

Meanwhile, building them an enclosure outside would help them overcome boredom while they bask in the sun for their health. It is like hitting two birds with one stone. Also, there have been instances where cat owners stated their experience with trying out an enclosure for their felines and noted how their cats became more at ease ever since they tried it. So, if you want to see your cat more playful and cheerier when they come near you, cat enclosures are the best choice. 

Your Cats Would Love It

Contrary to popular beliefs, cats are playful and energetic. You would notice them bumping their head on your legs because they want to play with you. And they climb whenever they see something they can climb onto, pace around the room without doing anything in particular and jump up and down the furniture. 

So having a cat enclosure would give them enough freedom and boost their energy while playing. It would also keep threats away, and they will surely love it. 

Having a cat enclosure is not bad for your cats because these enclosures let your felines feel the refreshing breeze outdoors and gives them a lot of space for playing around. However, this does not mean that you may have them play outside for a long period. It would be best to follow what veterinarians say, such as having them play for a certain time before getting them back inside the house.  


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