Choosing The Perfect Men’s Casual Blazers!

Well-dressed men usually wear suits, but what do they wear when they don’t want to look too formal? It’s traditional to wear a blazer, sometimes referred to as an odd jacket since it’s not paired with matching trousers. It is a versatile wardrobe item, as it pairs well with jeans for dressing down or odd trousers for dressing up. You are limiting your wardrobe and style options if you don’t already own one.

You must now be thinking of buying the perfect men’s casual blazers as it is a classic, versatile piece of clothing for men. Adding a classic navy blue blazer to a man’s clothing collection is usually one of the first things that should be done. You can wear it with a pair of odd-coloured trousers, but it is not a substitute for a suit. It’s just an alternative to a tailored business suit, providing a functional solution to fill the gap between formal wear and casual attire.

Today’s blazer features these characteristics, which have strengthened over the years:

  • A single-breasted style and a double-breasted style are available.
  • The most common colours available are black, navy blue, grey and beige.
  • Buttons and patches are used to amp it up.

The Blazer Style

There must not be any problem getting all the given styles in your area since these are classic options. The three-country styles provide historical perspective, but it’s interesting to note that hybrid mixes are not uncommon and are unique. 

  • American Style Blazer: There are two navy buttons on this jacket, and it has soft shoulders. There are patch pockets and flap pockets on this jacket, and it has notched lapels. Since double vents enhance your body type, we recommend them over center vents. Centre vents, however, are used by most people.
  • English Style Blazer: The blazers are designed with more structured shoulders and suppressed waists, which enhance the shape of the chest. Styles such as single-breasted and double-breasted are available. You can find the double vents on these jackets, and peak lapels are always the norm on double-breasted jackets. In a single-breasted blazer, the lapels are usually notch.
  • Italian Style Blazer: The jacket is constructed from a lighter fabric, and it has a less structured construction. Soft shoulders and a flexible interior gently shaped to fit the wearer make the jacket feel like second skin. The Italian blazer has more flair, even if it lacks vents.

Button Controls

The buttons on a blazer make it stand out and can range from delicate smoke-mother-of-pearl buttons to heavy solid gold buttons that have been passed from one generation to next.

You can buy a few sets of buttons each season to make your jacket more versatile, but most jacket manufacturers make their jackets with brass buttons. If it is spring or summer, you can use mother-of-pearl, and if it is fall or winter, you may use silver.

The Fabric Of The Blazer

The most classic men’s casual blazers are made from blue worsted serge, but flannel wool and navy worsted are also good choices. When you use rough weaves or fabrics with patterns, the jacket can become a blue sports coat. 

The Proper Way To Fit Blazers

A blazer should fit in the same way as a suit jacket or sports coat.

  • While standing upright, your sleeves should reach the wrist bone, and your shirt cuff should show 14 to 34 millimetres. For the arms to swing freely, the shoulders should not extend more than half an inch.
  • The chest area of the jacket should give enough room to allow you to button it.
  • It should completely cover the back of your jacket.

The Blazer Is Perfect For You!

The assumption that blazers, suit jackets, and sports coats are similar is familiar to us. There are some similarities in their expressions of style and function, but they are all unique in their way. These are typically made from either wool, cotton, linen, or a blend of materials, along with matching pants and jeans.

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