CocoFinder Review: Is It the Best Address Lookup Service?

Have you ever tried the CocoFinder solution for address lookup services? If not, then read this CocoFinder review to know everything about it.

A lot of people use address lookup services to find information related to an address or a property. It helps in making decisions related to buying or selling a property. The scope of information available in an address lookup report is always higher than the information center.

Additionally, CocoFinder is known for providing easy services to its customers. Therefore, more and more people are wondering about this platform and want to know more about it. If you want to know more about this solution, you can check out CocoFinder’s website

Before we go ahead, let us tell you a few things about how address lookup works.

How does Address Lookup Work?

An address lookup service works by finding the public information related to a property. This data comes from government agencies and some other credible sources. When you enter an address on a lookup service, it checks different links to find information related to that property. 

That is why address lookup services are preferred over other modes of getting information. 


CocoFinder is the platform that helps you find public information related to an address, person, phone number, or email address. It means that you can find almost any type of public information on a single platform. The website comes with a single user interface making it easier to use its tools and services. It aims to connect public information and make it accessible to every single individual.

Even if you are a first-time user, you won’t face any difficulties in using its services. 

If you look at the security measures of this platform, you will find that the website is encrypted with SSL encryption. Also, it has a no-registration policy that provides you direct access to the services without creating an account.

Another interesting thing is that the platform is free to use. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about people search for address services anymore.

CocoFinder’s Address Lookup

You can visit CocoFinder’s address lookup from the homepage of its website. Click on the Address Lookup button and it will redirect you to the address lookup service page. It lets you enter any address to find more about that property. 

Once you enter the address, hit the search button to check the details of that property. CocoFinder’s address lookup works by searching for the information from millions of web pages. It means that you can find all the information stored in the online databases in the world.

After getting the results, this lookup service generates a report where you can find the complete information.

What is Included in an Address Lookup Report?

The CocoFinder’s address lookup report is divided into three sections to help you provide the most reliable information in a single report. 

Here’s what you can find in a report after performing an address lookup on CocoFinder.

Section1: Owner and Tenant Details

The main part of an address lookup report includes the details of the owners and tenants who are living or have ever lived on that address. It is because most of the people perform these searches to track the people who used to live there.

In this section, you will find the full name, contact details, age, social media profiles, acquaintances, and current address of the people who lived there. This information is enough to track any person who owns that property. Additionally, you can check the criminal records of the previous owners to know what type of people they were.

Overall, this section focuses on the owner and tenants of that address.

Section2: Property Details

The next section is pretty informative as you get the complete details related to that property. In this section, you can find out every single detail about the property that was recorded in the public domain. It shows you the square foot area, property design and layout, images, and legal documents including tax returns mortgage information.

It also shows an estimated price of that property that is calculated considering hundreds of factors. Therefore, you will find enough information to make an informed decision about buying or selling that property with a realtor. The best thing is that you can find some hidden details that are often avoided by the realtor while making a deal. 

Section3: Area Details

The last section covers the details related to the area and neighborhood. Here you can find the area code, and some geographical details related to that place. Additionally, you can find if there is a criminal living in that area.

The best part is that you can find the average cost of properties there. It helps you compare the price with the estimates of the property with the average price of the property there.

You can find some other details such as the average income and lifestyle of people living there. 

The algorithms of this platform keep updating after some time. Therefore, we recommend checking out a sample report to find out the latest details related to a property.


Effectiveness of CocoFinder’s Address Lookup Service

We all know that an address lookup can not provide 100% accurate results for all search queries. However, CocoFinder maintains a higher accuracy rate than any other address lookup service. Therefore, you can rely on its services to get these types of details. 

Additionally, it searches for the data from some reliable sources, making it the perfect application to do some research about a property. 

Final Verdict

After performing several address lookups on this website, we are sure that everyone will love its services. The website takes only a few minutes to create the report and all the information is arranged perfectly. The fact that you do not need to check multiple links makes it the best platform to research a property. 

The website can use some improvements in its database to add some more information. Overall, we recommend using CocoFinder for address lookup services.

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