Cosmetic jars are the home for beauty products

Looks matter a lot in cosmetics, but also the feel and the shape of the container contributes a lot to the overall success of a product as well. When it comes to packaging and presenting cosmetic products, cosmetic jars have been a safe option for a long time now. Skin creams, makeup powders and other beauty products can be easily packaged and stored in nice-looking jars and this form of presentation is generally accepted and well-received in the world of cosmetics. You simply can’t go wrong with a nice jar.

The natural habitat of cosmetics

If you look at the packaging solutions of the biggest cosmetics companies in the world, you will find that cosmetic jars are quite common when it comes to packaging creams, powders, gels and other types of substances. A jar is a good choice when feel and appearance matters. Most of the time, jars are made of glass or acrylic which both have advantages. The feel of glass is unmistakeable and women like it a lot, but it is a bit fragile. Acrylic is much sturdier but its feel is a bit closer to plastic. Regardless, both type of jars are great for packaging cosmetics.

All In Packaging offers you plenty of options when it comes to jars. You can choose transparent glass jars, double walled jars, colorful jars and other types in many different sizes as well. Some shapes are better for certain uses. For example, a short but round shaped jar is great for packaging a delicate cream or gel, while a bigger jar can be used to store powder or solid objects. It is all up to you. Think about your product and envision which type of jar will fit it best.

Cosmetic jars are simple and easy

Customers prefer cosmetic jars to other types of containers because they are easy to use and seal very well, so the product is preserved as long as possible. Many brands have had a lot of success with jars in the beauty industry. If you have designed a good product and a nice graphic for a cosmetic jar, you simply can’t go wrong. It will just work, as it has for decades at this point. Customers will recognize a good packaging when they see one. Try it today!

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