Current Papers Finalterm All Subject Spring 2019

Hey I am VU Assistance, here again with a new idea of Current Papers for you students. This is basically for those who need the guess. But you should remember the term study is important. I mean handouts, video lectures etc. In current papers portion I will upload daily updates of papers which are done by students. Mostly students are contributing in this and helping the other students. You can also share your done paper with other students. Just post on out Facebook group or text me.

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CS - Computer Sciences
Subject CodeDownload
CS101Download File
CS201Download File
CS202Download File
CS301Download File
CS302Download File
CS304Download File
CS401Download File
CS403Download File
CS502Download File
CS504Download File
CS506Download File
CS601Download File
CS604Download File
CS605Download File
CS609Download File
CS707Download File


ACC - Fundamentals of Auditing and Business Finance
Subject CodeDownload Link
ACC501Download File


BIF - Bioinformatics

Subject CodeDownload Link
BIF401Download File
BIF501Download File
BIO - Biology

Subject CodeDownload Link
BIO202Download File
BIO203Download File
BIO301Download File
BT - Biotechnology

Subject CodeDownload Link
BT101 Download File
BT102Download File
BT401Download File
BT503Download File
BT605Download File
ECO - Economics
EDU - Education
Subject CodeDownload Link
MGT – Management Science
Subject CodeDownload Link
MGT101Download File
MGT211Download File
MGT301Download File
MGT501Download File
MGT502Download File
MGT510Download File

ENG - English
Subject CodeDownload Link
ENG101Download File
ENG201Download File
ISL - Islamic Studies
Subject CodeDownload Link
ISL201Download File
MCM - Mass Communication & Media
MCD - Mass Communication & Media Development
Subject CodeDownload Link
MCD401Download File
MTH - Mathematics & Statistics
Subject CodeDownload Link
MTH202Download File
MTH501Download File
MTH302Download File
PAK – Pakistan Studies
Subject CodeDownload Link
PAK301Download File

Subject CodeDownload Link
ZOO501Download File
ZOO507Download File
ZOO504Download File
ZOO510Download File
ZOO506Download File