Does Your Kid Need a Tutor?

One of the common questions among students’ parents is: “Does my kid need a tutor?” Even for the parents who understand the potential advantages of tutoring, they are unsure if their kids need additional support and if it’s worth it to pay for one.

Getting a tutor for your kid is a good investment both in terms of time and financials. This is especially true for modern families where moms and dads are busy at work and other activities.

Below are some questions you can ask yourself if you are considering getting a tutor for your kid.

Is It Recommended? 

Most parents who get their kids a tutor have received a recommendation from a teacher, child psychologist, guidance counsellor, or other education professionals who have worked closely with the kid.

Is Your Kid Having Trouble With Homework? 

If your kid is struggling to complete his or her homework, and having troubles with the whole curriculum, then you can seek the help of a professional tutor.

Is Your Child Doing Great at School?

Failing grades are a good indication that your kid needs a tutor. However, you should know that having a tutor is not only for remedial support. Even kids who are doing great at school may need a professional tutor to achieve their full academic potential. Some smart kids need an extra boost to excel more.

Is Your Kid Unhappy or Shy at School? 

There are times that you kid shy away from asking for help in school when they can’t understand some lessons. They are probably not comfortable in a group setting. Having a tutor can help them understand certain lessons away on a one-on-one basis. The tutor can also act as a role model, boosting your kid’s confidence and self-esteem while providing positive learning associations.

Does Your Kid Have a Learning Disability? 

Extra support is usually recommended for kids with a learning disability. Tutoring can help them with academic performance and teach them strategies, such as organization, time management and exam preparation. These skills are useful even for kids without learning disabilities.

Is Your Kid Achieving More Than the Others? 

Some kids, even the smarter ones, need tutoring to help them work on enrichment. These kids are academic superstars who love to learn. In cases like this, some parents want something for their kids, allowing them to study in advance on materials that can enhance their learning and keep them engaged in their studies.

Has Your Kid Asked for a Tutor? 

Tutoring can be more successful if the kid wants and additional support. If your kid personally asked for it, it is a clear sign that they want to succeed in school.

How Do You Find a Good Tutor? 

To begin with, you must ask some trusted source, such as teachers and other educational professionals who are working and monitoring your kid. You can also ask for further recommendations from your social media community, personal network, an online parenting forum, or a local parenting group. However, the most beneficial resources for kids with learning disabilities are the national, provincial, and local support associations.

If you are going to hire a professional tutor, you need to know your goals for each session. Make sure to tell the tutor about your kid’s academic goals and needs.

By following this simple guide, you should know whether your kid needs a tutor. Moreover, by asking for recommendations from the right sources, you should get the best tutor for your kid.

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