Escape from Tarkov’s Best Items

Here are the best items you can get your hands on when playing Escape from Tarkov. 

In Escape from Tarkov, your goal is to get out of the fictional region in Russia known as Norvinsk. To do so, you are going to need to get your hands on some Tarkov items to help you. With the knowledge of where you can get the best items in the game, you can get the upper hand on the popular FPS title. With that in mind, here are some of the best items that the game has to offer. Check out the Best Holsters on the Planet.

Lab. Red Keycard

This is a fantastic item for you to find, and one that many would consider to be the best of the best Tarkov items. It gives you access to the security arsenal lab, and it will lock after closing meaning you’ll need to unlock it again. To get the keycard, you can beat a number of bosses such as Glukhar, Shturman, Zhrec and Killa. You could find it in document cases in both Reserves and Customs too, and several other places within the resort. To purchase it, you will have to pay 35,999,999 Roubles or trade for it with the Therapist, as you can with many other cards in the game. Having this keycard will grant you access to a number of key items, such as ammo, mods for your weapon, modded guns, and more rare and useful items. 

T-7 Thermal Goggles + Night Vision Mounts

There’s nothing better than getting your hands on a pair of night vision goggles when you need them most. If you find yourself under the disguise of the night then these can be extremely useful for taking down enemies in a stealthy fashion. Having them with iron sights, in particular, will help you to see through the glass as well. To get your hands on them, you will need to pay 111,000 Roubles. 

Lab. Black Keycard

If you want to gain access to the area of the experiment, then you will need this keycard. The card that unlocks room G12 can be located in the laboratory G22 room. You will also have to find the green keycard so that you can gain entry, which is found on the boss known as Glukhar. There is a chance that you can find it in the Marked Room in Customs if you get lucky. To buy the keycard, you will need to pay 3,999,777 Roubles. You can also trade it with the Therapist as well. So if you want to get your hands on a bunch of medical items. 

Lab. Blue Keycard

So as you can see by now that keycards play a massive part of Tarkov, amongst the likes of a lucky Scav junkbox the bitcoin Tarkov has to offer. In this instance, you can get into the quarantine zone. You can find it on Glukhar’s or Shturmar’s body. If you don’t want to risk your life against these bosses, then you can head over to the Shoreline. When you get there, you can look inside the passenger door of the ambulance that is found at the health resort. Keep an eye out for Scavs as well as they can be found in their bags and pockets. You can also trade it from the Therapist, or pay 7,300,000 Roubles. 

Small S.I.C.C Case

If you want to get your hands on this case, then you will need to purchase it for 22,000,000 Roubles. Alternatively, you can also trade with Jaegar over in the Woods as well. But why does it deserve a place on this list? It gives you an extra 25 inventory slots, but it actually only takes up two. If you are going to make the most of the items that you have and your inventory space in general, then this is essential for you to find. You can also place it in a secure container if needed, and holds more than the Documents Case and the Keytool as well. 

Lab. Violet Keycard

Meanwhile, this coloured keycard is available to give you access to the security post. It isn’t too hard to find since it can be found in more than one location. You can get it at the blue warehouse inside an SUV, in the pockets of Scavs, in random boxes and even inside the car to the east of the lumber camp checkpoint. Alternatively, you can just pay 4,000,0000 Roubles or trade with the Therapist so you don’t have to find it yourself. At this security post, you can get weapon mods, money, weapon boxes, a transmitter and more rare items.

These are some of the best Tarkov items you can get in the whole game. By getting them for yourself, you are vastly increasing your chances of survival. With that in mind, set some time aside to boost your arsenal with the items that you find in this list. 

Have you found any of these Escape from Tarkov items? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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