We all know that CASP certification is a vendor-neutral certification. This certification is globally recognized. The certificate helps in dealing with the IT sector. The IT professional comes with the advanced level in this certification and is equipped with lots of knowledge and skills.


The knowledge and skills are security-related, which helps in protecting the IT sector from harmful attacks.


When you achieve the CASP certification, you will develop yourself as a person full of business competency. You will master in a business discipline. You can communicate well with the clients. You will get the ability to research and can tackle all kinds of risks coming towards the organization. You also know how to enterprise with the security, and you get the idea of interpreting the computing. The certification is very well intended for professionals with higher experience. The experiences required for this certification are around 10 years.


You have to develop experience in security and administration. The CASP examinations do not require any preceding examination. But, you have to clear the security+ level. It is a higher-level exam. The certification is clear proof that you have gained all the required practical knowledge. The certification proved that the person has all its developed skills that will be required in conceptualizing the entire plan. Then you will go for implementing those plans in the security solution. This will help you in giving your plan in the intricate enterprise and its entire environment.


The certification helps you in confirming that you are a certified individual and you got all your capability in applying the skills and all your critical thinking in processing a project. You will also be able to judge across a wide range. The range will be covering all the security disciplines and will help you in implanting all kinds of the formula for having a successful enterprise.


Now coming to the CISSP. It is there in the market long since before CASP. CISSP is known as very famous among all IT professionals. It is regarded as the de facto in the security professional training. In a survey conducted, it has been found that the professionals are looking more for the CISSP than the newly come CASP. The CISSP Certification examination is scheduled for 6 hours. In that examination, you have to complete around 250 questions. The round cost of his certification is $600. The examination is also given after looking into your previous experience. When you get the pass mark and qualify for the exam, you have to get a written certificate from the one who already holds the certification. That person will give the authorization to you if they find you more worthy of getting the certification.


In the CASP examination, you get around 80 questions. The time limit of the examination is around two and a half hours. The all-round cost of this certification is $379. Recently the Department of Defence has found that the CompTIA advanced security Practitioner (CASP) is meeting all the required criteria for the DOD employees. These employees are present at IAT-3 and in IMT-2. When we asked the IT professional which is better to choose, they got so much confusion in between CASP and CISSP. As the CASP firstly offers you the mastery level, which is from the CompTIA. You get the facility to be trained under CompTIA training. It is basically targeted at security professionals. The CASP certification majorly covers the management of risk, security policies, and all the enterprise security. At the same time, the CISSP certification covers the areas like network and telecommuting. It also looks after risk management and all kinds of information security governance. It works for assessing the control and look for software development. You can find the use of CISSP in operation security, architecture, physical security, and business continuity. So when we compare the areas of CASP and CISSP, you can definitely find that the CISSP is covering more knowledge areas than CASP. You get more knowledge in the security information through the CISSP. This certification is regarded as one of the toughest certifications. So you must look for brighter cope of achieving success in the IT security sector.

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