How to Find the Original Source of an Image?



When you find a photo on any social media site or webpage, you may feel forced to save a copy. There are many websites and resources out there, and it can take forever to locate the source of a photo.

But what about finding different sizes, cropped thumbnails, and other webpages using this same photo? Search by image has come to saving! This concept is quite simple – you upload a picture or paste the URL of any photo you found online, and the search engine will match the shapes/patterns to locate copies of this picture.

With enough patience, you can often find a source that also probably features the largest dimensions. As expected, there are plenty of tools for regular image search based on text or keywords. But a search by image has been growing in reputation.

I wish to present a collection of web applications that you can likely use for picture searching purposes.  Nowadays, I am using these tools almost always. If you frequently have to reverse engineer the source of photos, these search engines will become second nature.

Get Your Hands on Reverse Image Search

Photo searching is an easy task when done using a similar picture instead of relying on text-based inquiry. When you use the Reverse image lookup tool, you won’t face any compatibility issues. This web-based search tool can be used on laptops, computers, and smartphones effortlessly.

It provides you top-rated results without any restriction. All you have to do for the image lookup is mention below:

  • Upload the image from your device.
  • Then press the “Search related image” button.
  • It searches through similar photos in the databases and provides them quickly.

It is a free search by image service that outshines its competitors by providing related pictures from 3 big search engines, i.e., Google, Bing, and Yandex, for your query and generates results within seconds. It is 100% secure and easy to use.

You can utilize and learn more about this tool by visiting If you are a beginner in this, it provides you a complete set of instructions on how to use the photo browsing tool.



Getty Images is the best search by image engine, also known as advanced image finder. You can also search the photos through keywords that will show you the list of pictures like auto-suggest for your help.

It offers you to search for a photo by applying its incredible filters, which means you can find your desired picture by applying these filters. Furthermore, you can use its extra features by purchasing a plan.

Google Picture Search

Google is imminent for making the best picture search tools accessible. It added weight to that guarantee in 2014, when it dispatched its free search by image. The tool scrolls the web for pictures that seem like the ones you have transferred.

This free tool gives magnificent inclusion and is anything but difficult to utilize. However, it does not have any genuine analysis to sort out the outcomes.


Flickr offers its users an advanced search engine that allows you to find photos, screenshots, illustrations, and clip arts on their network. Flickr has two main goals:

  •               To help make their photos available to the people who matter to them.
  •               To allow new ways of composing and finding photos in one place.

A searcher can also search within the Creative Commons licensed content to find the image’s source. This search by image tool engine is owned by Yahoo, which means it is a sub-engine of Yahoo, and this gives the user the benefit to search indirectly from Yahoo’s search engine itself.


TinEye is the pioneer search engine that uses image recognition technology and is still a famous and widely used reverse search engine. It’s great for photographers or creators who have worked online and want to see if any of it has been stolen or edited. TinEye boasted about its 14.7 billion stored photos.

TinEye is easy to use. Just upload the photo URL or add a photo to get started. A free version of this search by image tool allows you to save your previous searches. However, you can also find a picture using the premium versions but that is only available after paying a specified sum of money.


The basic work ethic is to provide the image’s source under every image used by bloggers or newspapers. But nowadays, there are many duplicated or reforged images present on the internet.

So, it’s better to use search by image tools to find the source and the original owner of a stunning image you saw on the web. It saves you from the hassles associated with using forged or false images. You can get your hands on an authentic photo or check its originality in a couple of seconds.

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