Glock 17 vs Glock 19 – Difference and Comparison

If you aren’t handgun fans, there is an ongoing debate if the Glock 19 must be the preferred selection to Glock 17. There were no shootouts reported, however, this debate showed many people actually know about guns & why they actually have them. In this post, we will be comparing Glock 17 vs 19 and look at the size and capacity. With identical specs, both the gun do not offer the clear benefit over other. And decision comes to the user’s planned purpose.

For people who want to conceal their carry, the decision is quite obvious, a smaller Glock 19 gun has got the advantage. Obviously, Glock had it in mind while they designed this double-stack gun as the compact choice. For people who want the home defense gun, the decision will be a bit harder. This standard size G17 provides a higher capacity, whereas a compact G19 gun provides a slight weight benefit. Both the guns have got Glock MOS slide options for the owners who want to add the red dot optic.

Looking at the Accuracy

The critical aspect of the handgun is accuracy. Although both of them are the Glocks as well as have the long history to be accurate, there’s the argument that shorter barrel length & distance between sights decreases the accuracy of 19 by a little measure. There’re some conflicting views on the point as advocates of 19 maintain it is about a person who is using this weapon than a small difference between its sights. The current research shows there is not any meaningful difference in the accuracy, however, we need to agree to the Glock 19 components that depend on who fires the gun.

Due to the exceptional magazine range of 17 cartridges of a standard magazine and low weight, this gun is mainly trusted by the police officers in daily duties. Besides the Glock 19 provides very good firepower and helps you to shoot accurately and quickly. It’s perfect for the versatile role because of the reduced dimensions, not sacrificing essential magazine capacity. You can check it out yourself and you will come to know which is the right option for you.

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Purpose of the Gun 

The next unmentioned part of a comparison between Glock 17 vs 19 is what are your reasons for buying a gun. Many people make use of Glocks for shooting in competitions and added two rounds of standard Glock 17 settings will make a huge difference. After that there are the collectors who just want to have a complete range of the current Glock models out there, thus for them, there is not much debate, however, the technical differences will be important.

An unfortunate truth is both the guns are a bit similar in each specification out there, which includes its price. Although there are technical differences, in case you are determining which Glock you must buy it may end up being the matter of your choice. Suppose you have not owned any Glock till now then you must try both the models and check out which feels right for you. Suppose you have the Glock 17, then you will have a tough time spending more on the gun whose only benefit is it is a bit compact.

Final Words

Results of the practical evolution are a bit evident in both models, and resulting in improved handgun choices for the market. Suppose your primary goal is buying the gun for your personal use and home defense, Glock 17 will be the right choice. Considering Gen3, Gen4 & other older Glock models out, it is simply easy to find the best one at a good price. 

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