GogoPDF’s Tools That You Can Easily Use

It is a little hard to find good PDF tools that will meet what you need and handle well your PDF files. Thankfully, GogoPDF is available for free, and using this software is easy, effortless, and doing what you must need to do with it is so much faster. Since GogoPDF is a web-based software, you can access it on all browsers and operating systems which makes it so handy. Anywhere you are around the world, it’s so easy for you to go to them. That being said, here are GogoPDF tools that can help you without a doubt.

Unlock PDF

Sometimes when our minds are clouded, we tend to forget our file’s passwords. And it could be not very pleasant, especially if we badly need the file and can’t access it immediately. Luckily, the unlock PDF tool will help you save the day. Using the tool will open PDF files in just a quick and easy way. Also, they will automatically remove the encrypted password so that it’ll be easy for you to access the file. So, here’s the proper way to unlock PDF file using Unlock PDF tool:

  1. Get the passworded PDF file that you need to unlock from your device.
  2. The system will straightaway remove the password.
  3. Wait until the decrypting completes.
  4. Download your password-free PDF and save it on your device.


Merge PDF

If you have tons of PDF files and need to view each of the files, you have to open them one by one, which is a waste of so much time and energy. If you only have an eagle’s eye, then that’s the time you’ll have a better overview. It has been a problem that existed in a PDF format since it has been developed. However, that will not be a problem if you merge all your documents into a single PDF file. The Merge tool will combine multiple PDF files into one. With that, you will no longer have to hassle yourself because opening and viewing them become so much easier.

It’s undeniable that tons of platforms offer the same merge tools. However, users can’t access some of them for free because you need to subscribe first. And even if they provide their services for free, they have limited or poor technical support, which will surely not satisfy any user. With GogoPDF, their goal is to give the users a high-quality and the best experience with all their tools, including the PDF Merge tool. And to process it well, follow the instructions below:

  1. Press the Merge PDF tool.
  2. Select and upload all the PDF files you need to merge.
  3. Choose any available options.
  4. Click the “Merge PDF” button to begin the combining process.
  5. Download and save your freshly merged PDF files.


Compress PDF

Sometimes, if a PDF file has too much content, its file size will increase more, making it time-consuming once you decide to upload it. Thus, compressing your PDF files containing a vast amount of file size will make your life faster, particularly when sharing and sending that file through email. Some sites have limitations or required capacity as well, so having a large-sized PDF file might not let you upload your files on such a platform. But, that problem is so easy to solve, you only need to use the right tool for that, and that’s with the compress PDF tool.

Since GogoPDF offers a compressing tool, you can use it freely to shrink all your PDF files. While minimizing your document, you may wonder if the online tool will damage the file’s quality. But, with this software’s excellent feature, no file will be compromised even if you shrink it to the smallest possible size. The PDF’s images, text, colors, layout, and formats will remain in their best quality. Also, using the software is effortless, and so you’ll never feel any hassle while doing your task. Follow these easy instructions below to compress your files correctly:

  1. Go to your files and upload the PDFs you need to compress.
  2. Choose any available options for you and your PDF files.
  3. After you click the option you chose, GogoPDF will process your file instantly.
  4. Download your file, then save it on your device. You can also copy the link so you can share it on any of your social media accounts.



PDF has never been more accessible with the use of GogoPDF. The software also has so much to offer aside from the mentioned above tools. All you have to do is go to their site, and you’ll see an array of its great features. You also do not have to worry about all of GogoPDF’s tools because it won’t require you to install them when you want to use them. All activities are saved in the cloud system. You only need to have a device and a good internet connection.

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