Guide to fix your broken eyeglasses at home

Not every mishap with your glasses is a reason to buy a new pair. Scratched or broken lenses sound like a good reason to do some eyewear shopping, but what if only the frame has come loose? bukméker tanfolyam Would you still look for a new frame?

Your glasses are also prone to the effects of wear and tear. And no matter how careful you try to be, eyeglasses damage is normal. To your surprise, most of the frame fixing can be done by yourself at home. Little frame adjustments don’t necessarily need a trip to an optical store. Sure you can find a new pair of cheap glasses, why throw your frames away when you can make them usable again?

Tighten your eyeglasses

Sometimes, frames can come loose on their own due to extensive wearing. This normally happens to your regular frames such as cat-eye glasses for women.

You can tighten your glasses by just adjusting the nose pad. If it sits too high or too low on your nose, your glasses will slide down your nose. 

If your eyeglasses are not sitting perfectly on your face, it won’t only cause discomfort but headaches and blurred vision as well. 

Adjust the nose pads

  • Hold your frame firmly and with a little force, try to push out one of the nose pads.
  • Now try on your glasses to see if the adjusted nose pad has made a difference in the frame fit.
  • Do the same with another nose pad. Keep adjusting and try on your glasses until they sit comfortably on your face. 
  • In case your nose pads are sitting too low, do the same process except push them inwards.

Adjust the arms

Buying glasses for men or women from an online store is slick. You just need to give your facial measurements and you can buy a frame that fits your face. قمار But, since we all are human, we tend to make mistakes.

Too tight or too loose glasses arms can either make your glasses fall off your face or cause headache and pain behind your ears with the extra pressure. Here is how you should bend the arms:

  • Run your frame under warm water for about 30 seconds to make the material more bendable.
  • If the arms are tight, bend them in upward direction. Bending the arms deeper or downwards will make the frame tight. 

Adjusting the glasses temples

If it is the frame temple that needs fixing, you can bend it easily as well. Here’s how:

  • Firmly hold the frame with one hand.
  • With the other hand, apply force to the temples either inwards or outwards. العاب بوكر للكبار rabona sportfogadás  
  • Put on your glasses to see if the temples fit better now. Repeat the process until the glasses feel comfortable to wear.

Tighten the glasses screws

The arms and your frame are connected together by tiny screws. Over time, these screws can come loose from prolonged wearing. This causes your glasses’ arms to swing in the air. Having an eyeglasses repair kit always comes handy as you may not be able to find these tiny screws in your local hardware store. 

Take out your glasses repair kit and tighten your frame using the tiny screwdriver. Tighten it up until the arms feel secured.

You can fix your glasses as long as the lenses aren’t damaged. But, if your lenses are broken, you should buy a new pair of prescription glasses online or from a local store. Wearing damaged lenses has negative effects on your vision and physical health. 

When the frame is tilted

When one side of the frame appears higher than the other, you can adjust the arms of temple ends to get it back in balance. Hold your frame with one hand and gently put the pressure on the side that is off balance.

You can put your frame under warm water to make it more pliable. This way, it will bend easily and there will be less chances of breaking the frame in the process. Although, make sure that the warm water doesn’t touch the lenses as it can affect the protective coatings on their surface. الكزينو

When to take your glasses to an optician? nyerögépes játék

In case your frames are not flexible or are made up from a material that can’t be bent, it is wise to seek an optician’s help to get them working back again. These materials generally include aluminum or memory plastic. 

If you have tried fixing your glasses but couldn’t, let a specialist do it for you. Most opticians have a lab where they have every equipment or tool that they will need to fix your glasses 

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