How Do I Find a Good Property Manager?

A property manager does a lot of things. For a start, reputable property managers in Pensacola serve as a bridge between the landlord and the tenant. They make sure that landlords are shielded from the stress of running a rental property while also making the property as profitable as it can be. On the other hand, they also make sure that tenants are provided with a conducive, managed, and satisfactory rental property.

The job of a property manager transcends fixing tenants into a rental property. They are in charge of advertising the rental property to catch the attention of interested prospective tenants. They also carry out tenant interviews, background checks, and more to ensure that the right tenant is selected. Property managers also handle rent price setting, review of rent prices, evictions, repairs and management, and other aspects of the property rental process.

Taking into consideration the importance of a good property manager to a productive rental property business, one has to ensure that the right one is selected. Selecting a good property manager can be overwhelming, especially as many local professionals claim to be the best. To streamline the selection process, below are some tips to keep in mind.

Choose a Property Manager That Is Familiar with the Local Market

When selecting a property manager, you should understand that the availability of this professional matters. Choosing a foreign property manager can cause you a lot of problems and can cost you a lot of money. A local property manager understands the local market prices and is able to set the right rental prices based on that. Added to this, a local professional offers a better chance at prompt repairs and maintenance. Choosing a property manager that isn’t on the ground can also affect the chances of getting prospective renters. When choosing, look for a local property manager or property management company that has been in business for some years. In addition to business experience, look at the track record of success the company has. A company that has successfully kept the ratio of vacant spaces in their managed spaces low offers a better chance of profitability.

Do Your Research

When it comes to choosing a property manager or property management company, doing your research should be added to recommendations from family and friends. Your research could be done by browsing the internet for the best property management companies in your area. As a rule of thumb, always have at least three different options to choose from. However, priority should be given to companies that have been recommended by trusted sources. There is a huge chance that you will get the same level of excellent services from the recommended company.

Focus on Marketing and Reach

Hiring a property manager should bring in more money from your rental property. To do this, the property manager or management company has to have a solid marketing plan in place. A property manager that is lacking in the area of advertising and marketing may find it hard to keep your rental property full and productive. On the other hand, property managers who have a solid marketing plan know how to sell your rental property to prospective tenants. Landlords get to make more money when their rental property is occupied all through the year.

Organized Structure and Approach to Property Management

Property managers should have an organized structure that helps them to accurately report to the landlord while also addressing the needs of tenants. When selecting a property manager, look for one that offers a technologically driven approach to meeting goals. Many property management companies now leverage technology to make tenant payment easier. Technology can also be used to streamline prospective tenants based on information like income, stability, financial discipline, and more.

Property management companies that have a structure on the ground for marketing, leasing or renting, eviction, maintenance and repairs, and other tasks stand a chance of delivering better results.

Schedule a Meeting

When looking for a property manager, you should dedicate some time to understand the area wherein your rental property is located. In addition to this, make sure to schedule an appointment with the property manager. During this appointment, be sure to ask as many questions about the processes involved in selecting new tenants, rental prices, repairs and maintenance, and more. Also, ask questions about advertisement and the fees charged for the services rendered.

Some of the important questions to ask include;

  • How long have you been in the property management profession?
  • How many properties are in your care?
  • Do you provide reports and how frequently?
  • How long will it take to find tenants for my rental property?
  • What happens when tenants are unable to pay their rent?
  • When do you reimburse me?


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