How do you fix SIM not provisioned?

The “SIM not provisioned” error occurs during the time of registering a new SIM card. There are following 5 ways by which you can fix “SIM Not Provisioned” Errors

Restart Your Phone

Even though you may not realize or understand the extent of importance of restarting the phone, but it does work. Yes, indeed. Simply by turning off your phone, there is a chance you may overcome the problem. 

Take the usual and remedial steps for restarting the phone and wait. Hopefully, after few moments, you may come across that the message cease to show and happily your SIM has been activated

Insert the SIM card correctly

Fix SIM not provisioned and if the problem still persists, then it may be “ill fitting of SIM”, as that the issue isn’t related with SIM card activation or the network, and it has been proved as well. 

Anything can cover the possibility such as the shape of SIM or improper design of slot.

In order to make sure that your SIM is seated in the correct posture, switch off your phone, then find SIM Card. 

If your phone is older or cheaper, then you can open the back panel in order to search for the SIM card. If needed, you have to remove the battery for gaining access to the SIM card slot. 

The phones which don’t have removable batteries has different place for SIM card slot. Here, you need a small SIM ejection tool to open it, simply look for the small and minute opening and push the tool inside to open it. 

Activate your SIM Card

Mostly, the SIM card is activated in 24 hours after using on a phone. If it doesn’t then following are the steps you can undergo for yourself:-

  • Call an automated number
  • Send an SMS
  • Log onto the activation page on the website of carrier

Get in touch with your carrier or Network provider 

Why is my SIM not provisioned or if SIM doesn’t activate, you need to call the company from another number and ask for their proper explanation. While you are put on hold, they check on the problems associated with activation server. Hopefully, you get a possible solution

Get a New Sim Card

Still no luck? Don’t worry. You just need to request for a new SIM card. Although, you can ask from the network provider, yet it is quicker to get one from the local phone shop. They are going to create diagnostics on SIM card and hopefully, the error gets resolved. 

Final thoughts

Finally, after undergoing the above post you know and realized about the importance of every single step which contributes as a solution provider towards rectifying the problem associated with. It is going to help you in detail based on the level of solutions and steps you are assigned with. Hopefully, you have overcome the solution and started to operate your SIM like the way you dearly want

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