How Enclosures Are an Asset for Pool Maintenance

Having a pool in the backyard is a popular choice that residents are making these days. Reports show that pool ownership among Australian residents has increased to 13 per cent or 2.7 million among the population living in a private household. Owning a pool at home gives people the comfort and freedom of jumping into the water and taking a swim at their leisure or hosting families, friends and co-workers on special occasions. But people still go back and forth about investing in pools due to the maintenance they demand, especially during the seasons when they are not in use. Pool enclosures are a huge help in maintaining them during seasons when they aren’t used frequently or are prone to getting dirty.

They Keep Debris Away

One of the advantages of having a pool enclosure is that, no matter what season or the weather it is, it keeps the debris out. There are minimal chances of leaves, dust and dirt blowing into the pool and polluting it. As the pool area is closed, except when a family member or a friend wants to enter, there are fewer chances of external pollutants entering the pool area. It seals out the debris that clogs the filters, hence reducing the dedicated cleaning time significantly.

Prevent Damages

Strong winds, accumulating debris, dirt, algae, and animals and insects crawling into the pool can get stuck and cause damage to the vents and the tiles. Water pipes and the drains could get clogged, which can be tedious to clean and, not to mention, expensive. Enclosures that meet the Australian Pool Fencing Safety Standards prevent such damages and accidents as they keep the area protected from intruders.

Reduce Evaporation of Water

Summers in Australia can get hot. And during these hot summers, when people are most likely to use the pool, water evaporation can be high if it is not enclosed. And water restrictions might hold residents back from filling it up every time. Having a pool enclosure can significantly lower the level of evaporation in the pool and, hence save the hassle of refilling the pool and reduce the water bill.

No Bugs or Unwanted Visitors in the Pool

Australia has an abundant variety of bugs and house insects that can invade properties and houses if not attended to. As an enclosure keeps the pool sealed when not in use, it not only keeps dirt and debris away but also insects, flies, pests, and other unwanted visitors like frogs, snakes, snails, birds from invading the area. It, therefore, helps save time in cleaning and the use of bug spray every time the owners want to take a dip in the pool. It also keeps wandering individuals from getting into the pool without an invitation.

Prevent Algae Growth

While algae growth may be natural and add to the ambience in nature, it is not as inviting to have green algae grow in the pool. It is not safe as well, as microorganisms can fester in them, poisoning the water, and they can be slippery to walk on. As the pool remains relatively cleaner under enclosure, one need not have used a significant amount of chemicals to keep it tidy and safe.

Overall, as pool enclosures keep the pool and the area around it clean and regulated, the cost of maintenance that the residents would have to spend significantly reduces in the long run. Investing in pool enclosures is a great way to reduce pool maintenance efforts and keep them in a great condition for families to enjoy all year round.




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