How Long Does Sunscreen Stick VS Lotion Last?

When it comes to purchasing sunscreen for your family, it’s important to know that you are getting the best product and that your investment will last. If you’re stuck between a sunscreen stick and lotion, take a look at the product details and decide which product is right for you.

Time Between Applications

An important factor when choosing between sunscreens is the time it will last between applications. The bigger question is, however, does the application method influence how long a product will stay effective? The short answer is, not really. 

When you break down the formulas of sunscreen sticks, you will find that virtually all of the ingredients are the same, minus the elements that determine the consistency of the product. What that means is that you are getting the same product, just in your preferred form. While many people choose to believe that the application method makes a difference, the real difference is found in the actual product. The SPF, water resistance, and formula itself will determine how long a sunscreen can protect, not necessarily how it’s packaged.

Shelf Life

The shelf life of sunscreen is another factor that goes unaffected by the application method. The FDA actually requires sunscreen products to remain viable for a minimum of three years, so you are good for a while with any sunscreen you purchase. Some products may have an extended lifespan, but hopefully, you are adventuring enough to use more than a bottle every three years.

Do Organic Products Last As Long?

Whether you are looking at sunscreen sticks or sunscreen lotion, the organic version is held to the same minimum shelf life as traditional products, only without using preservatives and nano-particles. Organic products make for a great way to improve your skincare, stay healthy, and enjoy more of the outdoor activities you love. These natural skincare protection products use botanical ingredients and non-nano UV protection. 


Organic sunscreens are the way to go, whether you choose to purchase a sunscreen stick, spray, cream, or any other application method. You are covered for at least three years, thanks to the FDA’s minimum shelf-life, and the effectiveness is equivalent to traditional products, but with additional benefits. With organic products, you get skin-nurturing vitamins and minerals along with a great smell and clean protection.


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