How to avoid plagiarism in your academic essays?

Whenever you are about to write an essay your teacher asks you to know that there is going to be a lot of information on the topic both on the internet and generally in books. Now understandably, no one expects a student to write an essay from scratch because that will not only be amateur but add no value to the already existing literature. Moreover, typically, in universities you have to add academic references to your work to enhance the validity and reliability of your essay.

This is where the trouble begins. When students read something relevant online or from books, they do not get how to rephrase it in their words in a way that it looks like their student voice, not a copied piece of work which is highly unethical. Frustrated, a lot of students turn to writers and ask them to help me write an essay for free but this will not always work. Your teachers will somehow find out it is not you who wrote the essay. So, in this article, we will tell you how to avoid plagiarism in your essays so you don’t have to ask anyone to write it.

1- Use thesaurus as a ritual

The first rule of this game is to make sure you keep a number of good thesaurus open in your laptop all the time. Use them like a ritual.  Every time you read a paragraph, find synonyms for the vocabulary used in a way that the meaning does not change but also it looks like your work.

This way, your professors will not realize if you have copied the work from someone.

2- Use quotations

If you incorporate a lot of relevant quotations throughout your work, it will remove the chances of getting a plagiarism issue from your school. Since the flow of work will no longer be identical to the article you are copying from, it will seem like you are presenting your own unique ideas in your unique way.

But make sure you cite proper references to the quotations you used otherwise these same quotes will get you in trouble since the internet is always full of quotes.

3- Use a good plagiarism checker

Now when you are done with all of this, make sure you run your work through a reliable plagiarism checker because AI is more efficient than human beings. The software will run your work against every piece of article available on the internet to make sure it is totally unique and this idea has never been presented in your way before. Amazing, right?

In the end we would like to remind you that no matter how amazing of a hypothesis you have put forth in your essay, if it has plagiarism, trust me your entire essay will become dubious and you will get a very low grade.

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