How to Clean Velcro Patches

Many things use Velcro as it helps to join or bond anything. As Velcro enables you to connect things, you need to take care of it to continue using it. When it comes to Velcro patches, you cannot afford any damage because you can lose their proper functioning.

If you don’t properly maintain the Velcro, it will collect trash more than often. Avoid washing clothes with Velcro patches in the washing machine because it makes the patch rough. Choose hand washing as it can maintain the grip.

Well, if you understand the health of a Velcro patch, you must know that clothing finishing can severely damage Velcro patches as they can collect fluffy trash. Would you like to clean Velcro patches sitting for hours?

Of course, not!

No one likes to sit for hours just to collect trash from Velcro patches. It is a boring thing to do, plus no one has that much time to do this. So, the thing is, how to clean Velcro patches, because Velcro is highly prone to gather debris. However, many options can help in cleaning a Velcro patch efficiently.

Usually, it becomes indispensable for you to know different hacks about how to clean a Velcro when you have kids. Basically, Velcro is everywhere, from diapers, toys, shoes, clothes to additional accessories. If your Velcro patch gets debris, it does not look good. Not only it looks terrible, but it also does not even work correctly and you’ll have a hard time sticking it again..

Tried and Proved Hacks to Clean Velcro Patches

Let’s dig out some easy ways to improve the functioning of your Velcro by cleaning it.

·        With a Toothbrush

On the list, this might be the most convenient and easy method to remove trash from Velcro. Using a toothbrush helps you to get rid of the unwanted debris from the Velcro. You can remove lint and hair from the patch with solid bristles of the toothbrush.

Put the Velcro patch on the table and brush it with hard strokes to remove everything stuck in hooks. With your fingers, take out whatever is in the hooks.

·        With T-Pins

T-pins let you clean Velcro patches easily. Just slide the pins between the rows of Velcro and start taking out the debris. 

·        With a Tape Dispenser Cutter

Did you ever think about it?

Scraping the patch with a tape dispenser cutter can surely help in removing unwanted lint from the Velcro patch. Before wasting the tape, you can utilize it to get rid of trash stuck between the hooks. You simply need to lay the patch flat, scrape the cutter to eradicate extra things that got stuck.

That way, you can easily clean the Velcro patch in just a few minutes.

·        With Tweezers

Using tweezers is the most common hack that people try while cleaning the Velcro patch. I’m sure you must have tried it. Does that work seriously?

Well, it definitely works when you start picking up the trash with the help of tweezers. You need something edgy to pick up the lint and hair that stuck deeply in the Velcro patch. Although it is a time-consuming method, however, it cleans the Velcro better. 

·        With Strong Tape

Using strong tape is another excellent hack as it works perfectly to clean the Velcro. Put the tape loop around your fingers and stick it on the patch to pull out any lint or hair stuck in the loops of the Velcro patch. 

Make sure you are not forcing the tiny edges of Velcro while trying to remove the lint. 

·        With Toothed-Comb

Using a fine-toothed comb is also helpful for cleaning Velcro patches. Be careful while trying any hack as it can damage the Velcro if not done right.

Why Do Velcro Patches Collect Debris?

Do you know you can have customized Velcro patches?

It is a great way to set your section far from others. Anyhow, with Velcro patches, you will see small hooks made mainly for keeping them on the fabric of your uniform. It helps to keep the patch perfectly on the material.

If your Velcro patch is full of lint, the small fasteners will not work correctly. So, always make sure that you clean the patches regularly with any trick given above.  

Carefully Store Patch Collection

Your Velcro patches must be stored in a highly watchful place. If you don’t care about the patches, you may end up losing all of your customized Velcro patches. You can make a panel of the Velcro’s smooth side to hook up all of your patches in one place. Or else, you can attach two patches back to back, and it will stick firmly. 

How to Keep Velcro Clean

These little fasteners need extra care as they are highly prone to collect dust or fluffy debris. Ensure that patches are clean and you are using them correctly.

Keep Your Patches fastened while they are not in use. That way, you can save them from getting lint or hair. If they are not attached, your Velcro patches are vulnerable to catch hair and lint more than often.

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