How To Get Your Website Added To Google News and Drive Real-Time Traffic

In the volatile online space, your website needs to penetrate through the most responsive social platforms in a highly effective manner. To attract relevant traffic and to acquire audiences for your business you need to build a strong communication base and keep growing strong with better connectivity and apt content. Google News is one of the most empowering platforms to get you to do this effectively.

Among these spaces, Google News is moving up fast on the traffic volume parameter. It has become one of the most attractive and effective news aggregation and content sharing platforms that attract real-time, organic, and high-quality traffic.

Let us help you get an insight into Google News in detail!

What is Google News?

Google News is a syndicated platform where the news content from the various topic genres is displayed in one place. For businesses, it means that any information that has some newsworthiness and can provide important details about a subject that matters to the masses and holds some meaning for the end-users can be published here. So, the content must be user-relevant, serves some issue, and should have something that interests a group of audience in a particular niche or domain.

Here are a few quick and easy steps you can take while designing content for Google News.

These ideas will help you grab the attention of the right audience and at the right time.

Write Original News Content

Copied content is not accepted by Google’s content platforms. Google News is no exception. The pages that make it to Google News have to be unique, with a piece of individualistic information. Original content is a striking indication of good journalism, which is the first requirement for making a place on this platform.

Google crawlers keep a close eye on all the content pieces floating in the web world and prefer only those that are unique.

In addition to being unique, the search engine pays extra attention to the news item’s credibility. A piece of fake news is the last thing Google will want to deliver to the end-users.

Make Titles Informative Yet Keyword-enriched

Apart from being a real and unique piece of work, your content should follow the SEO guidelines regarding designing the overall structure. The first thing to care about is the heading or title. If the title is relevant and keyword-enriched, it will score high on visibility and click-through rate. So, it is essential to write content keeping these things in mind:

  • Write a title in the active voice
  • Use keywords prominently and adequately
  • Avoid repeating words
  • Keep the title short but engaging and relevant

All these considerations help attain a better click-through-rate. The readers are most likely to react to the topics that ring a bell in their minds.

Write a News, Not an Evergreen Article

Google news will include only those pages that furnish some news content. The platform keeps a vital check on the way information is provided on the web page. It has to have an article that covers the news point by point in detail and it can quickly appear in the search engine results.

Write News Articles Frequently, at Least 2 Per Day

The visitors’ source should not be dried up when you have done the job of winning their subscription. It is advisable to keep the ball rolling to stay ‘in the news’. The visitors are most likely to abandon the site if they do not find updated content and the content that intrigues them.

The site owners need to maintain the quality and quantity of visitors to achieve a decent traffic size. They can involve some talented and reliable writers. They can curate or write the content to give the audiences an engaging platform to consume news of their interest.

Write in a Unique Style

Though quite a specialized one, Google News is still a highly competitive space. You can stand out of the horde only by giving something different to the visitors. Instead of copying people’s style, try to create your own identity.

It helps to build brand identity and separates it from the contemporaries in appeal and conviction.

Write in multiple styles. Pick the approach that appeals to your target users and attracts more views. The viewership is also a parameter to understand what clicks with your audience. It helps improve the engagement quotient of your news page too. This way you will build a base of repeat audience that will stick with your news content and also propagate and promote it further.

To top it all, adherence to good journalism norms is the most prominent factor to include in your Google News content development strategy. Always remember, Google News space is for news content, and so it promotes only those articles that come from an honest and objective mindset.


Google News witnesses a mammoth click volume of 2 billion annually. So, your presence in this channel is half battle won. With even a minuscule portion of this click-volume comes your way, you can gain a lot of traffic and leads. It is only with well-researched, consistently formatted, and well-drafted news articles you can turn these volumes into meaningful hits.

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