How to make an engaging youtube intro in just 5 minutes

How to make an engaging youtube intro in just 5 minutes

You have a YouTube channel, correct? But you are completely frustrated. But why? That’s because your channel is not receiving the desired number of views. Have you ever pondered on why your channel is not receiving the views it deserves?

Maybe it is missing out on an eye-catching and attractive intro!

You know, YouTube intros are visual signatures attached to the beginning of every video. As a marketer, you have the option of using an intro maker to set the right stage and tone for your main content.

Remember, several ingredients go into making an engaging and impressive YouTube intro. Creating just a captivating intro will not work for you. Your intro should have the ability to draw the attention of the viewers and set the mood of your channel.

And yes, it must also include a relatable and memorable catchy tune. Besides all this, your intro should also follow a consistent series of rules. Let’s get into the details of creating quality and memorable YouTube intros in just 5 minutes.

Establish Your Brand

Take your intro as the chance to display your brand in the heaviest way possible. Create an intro in such a way that it puts forward your brand’s function and objective. You can even choose any YouTube intro maker as there are many available online, it will get easier for you to put down a quality intro. It should promote loyalty simply by streamlining the procedure that helps people understand what you have on offer.

That said, ensure having some of the most important elements that make a great YouTube intro. These include your logo, your brand color; the name of your YouTube channel; consistent music, and tagline. You will also get the option of mixing and matching all these elements based on your goals, audience, and brand.

Consider the Run Time

This point is very important. If you want your YouTube intro to be engaging, make sure it is within 5 seconds. This will keep the viewers engaged, and they will also have this interest to stick to the remaining part of the content.

Intros more than 24 seconds in length decrease the viewer rates by around 50%. This is because the viewers have more chances of skipping or clicking off before the actual matter commences.

Decide Between Animated and Live Action Footage

With YouTube intro videos, you have a lot of space for creativity. Prior to getting too far along with video production, you must decide whether you will be using animation or live-action footage.

All introductions indeed have an animation for sure, and this even applies to the live-action intros. But it is necessary to decide whether you want the animation to serve as the prime factor of your intro.

It doesn’t really matter which type of format you are choosing for your intro. The main point here is that you must have fun making the intro while keeping the energy up!

Animated Text is a Must

Now, this point is covered briefly above, but it’s about animation and not animated text. Though you are creating an intro visual, it must include animated text. Going this way is considered best when it comes to introducing the channel host and displaying the tagline.

Remember, animated text overlays are one of the best ways of communicating efficiently while keeping the audience engaged at the same time.

Why Not Add a Bit of Style?

YouTube intro and boredom should never go hand in hand. After all, it’s the introduction of your brand. How can you even afford to bring in an element of boredom in the introduction? You cannot!

Even though you are not covering an exciting topic in your intro, it is time for you to work on something that gets people interested in what you will be showing them in the remaining part of your visual matter.

Making use of music, text, and animations are some of the best techniques for starting intro videos on the right and the most entertaining foot. Going this way will definitely help you in surprising and delighting your audience with the most engaging intro.

Do Not Compromise on Quality

Just because you have your eyes on creating an engaging YouTube intro does not mean that you must compromise the quality of the video. Remember, if your video is of questionable quality, viewers will also doubt the credibility of the content that follows after the intro.

And when viewers do not trust the content presented to them, they will simply click away.

Speaking of quality, it refers to the intro video on the whole. Consider several factors like how smoothly the intro runs, how entertaining it is, how appealing are the graphics of the content; the cohesiveness of the main content, and the elements that make it exclusive.

All this and more goes into making a YouTube intro video quality-based and interesting!

Music- That’s the Key to Making an Engaging Intro

You cannot even imagine a video without music. Can you? Of course, regular visitors on YouTube like watching informative visual content in muted versions but only when they have subtitles.

If you are working on subtitles, then music won’t play a significant role, but what about the audiences who love watching videos with top-quality background music or signature jingle? You ought to present them with intros having the right music.

Including music in your intro video can also be great for branding. That is because viewers generally relate to a brand with the particular song or sound the brand uses in its intro. Again, there’s no right or wrong or good and bad music to include in an intro video. The only thing is that the music you choose should be non-copyrighted.


Always keep in mind; your YouTube intro video need not be a high-budget visual shot on a digital camera to be effective and engaging. Even simple footage containing the information about your brand most interestingly and impressively will work wonders.

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