How to Move a Gun Safe: Seven Tips to Make the Work Easy and Safe

The way safes are made, they’re meant to be bulky and heavy, so no one can carry them away with them. Again, they protect anything placed within them from unintended people. However, any decision to move them, especially when relocating, becomes a problem.

If the distance to take them is far, the journey is likely to be tedious for those who don’t know how to move the gun safe. Ideally, it is hard to move gun safes, and it can be dangerous too! The best and safest way to move a gun safe is to hire a professional to do the job. If you want to learn more about gun safety then visit this page.

In the event that you may not be able to afford a professional’s services, don’t worry. We’ve got your back. Of course, not everyone can afford some professional services! We have some amazing tips in this article to help you through the moving process.

  1. Study the Safe: What Are Its Weight and Dimensions?

Blind movement is extremely dangerous, so study your safe first. Know its weight, size, and other salient dimensions. It’s frustrating to get to your location, but you can’t get your weapons locker in. Either the doorway or staircase is too small for it to pass through. Avoid all these problems by getting to know your firearm cabinet better beforehand.

  • Map Out the Route: Stairs and Corners Navigation

Armed with the gun safe information, survey your route. Check out how easy it is to go up and down the stairs. Check for any corners and how you’ll get past them with the heavy locker. The gathered information will help, especially when lifting or pushing the cabinet.

  • Secure the Gun Safe: Ready it for Moving

Remove everything from the gun safe that may add unnecessary weight when moving. If it has adjustable parts, unfasten them to go as separate items. The vault should be as light as possible before you start moving. Prepare the place where you want the cabinet to be. Create more than enough space to accommodate unforeseen problems.

  • Plan Ahead: Get the Right Equipment

Since this is a bulky vault, make sure you have the right tools for the job. An appliance or furniture dolly, security straps, and thick gloves are paramount. Invest in a pallet jack or a stair climbing dolly if you’re going up a staircase.

Protect your floors from scratches or damage and clear the way. Rags or cartons can act as good floor covers. Lock in the room you want the vault to go to, once it gets there, it’s locked in.

  • Set a Team: A helping Hand is a Need

If you can’t afford experts, reach out to your friends for help. Don’t go picking people out of the blue! Call friends with experience moving heavy vaults or objects. They have a lot of information and strategies on what to do. Throwing a party afterward to say thank you isn’t a bad idea at all!

  • Safety Always: Put Safety First

Safety is a cardinal rule for all during the moving process. Ensure everyone has thick gloves and other relevant protective gear, like closed shoes. Use and follow proper lifting techniques. Stick to the agreed body posture, foot movements, and speed.

Everyone should agree to a strategy and stick to it. If you’re all not on the same page, you better stop the process altogether. Oh, don’t forget to drink a lot of water or any liquid throughout!

  • Hire Professionals: Long-distance Moving Isn’t a Joke

After all is said and done, there is never a better way to do a job than by using professionals. You must be aware that many cooks ruined the broth! The professionals have the needed equipment, expertise, experience, and professionalism. Remember, this is the job they wake up to daily! How much easier can it get?

Final Take

Too much excitement about completing the firearm cabinet moving task could be hazardous! Don’t forget to fix it in its rightful place once you get there. You don’t want to come and find it missing, do you? Use its locking bolts to fix it to the wall or floor. Once done, it is ready for use!

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