How to Repair Micro SD Card not Detected

Fortunately, most of today’s smartphones still allow you to expand the internal memory through microSD cards. This possibility makes many users opt for mobiles with the most modest storage variant, and then insert their own card. But there are many occasions when the mobile does not recognize the microSD card, so we will try to find an explanation and solution to this problem.

How to repair micro sd card not detected? To do this, you have to carefully observe the SD or microSD card, and if possible open it, to see the internal circuit.Having a microSD card for our mobile has its advantages, but also its drawbacks. Keep in mind that we are dealing with a physical storage medium that has its limits, and that can become corrupted or deteriorate over time. This can cause our mobile not to detect the card or not to show the files that we have stored on it. Before throwing our hands to our heads, we can do several tests to try to get everything back to normal.

Superficially damaged SD or MicroSD card

If a visual inspection of your SD or microSD card encourages you to think that the damage is limited to the plastic casing that protects the memory, you can try the following:

  • You solder cables, very thin and as short as possible, to each external contact of the card.
  • You get a usb SD card reader, open it, and solder inside each cable coming from the memory to each corresponding contact pin.
  • You connect the USB reader to the computer, and with a bit of luck, your files will reappear, safe and sound.

Possible Solutions

In the same way that when our mobile does not recognize the SIM card, restarting the mobile is the first action and the one that can solve the problem the fastest. If it is a hardware or compatibility problem with a program that has stopped the read or write capabilities of our card, a simple reboot can free the card. If it does not work, we will have to proceed to remove the microSD card from its tray and restart the mobile. Then we turn off the terminal and with the mobile off we reintroduce the microSD. Once done, we turn on the mobile again to see if the problem has been solved.

To rule out that the problem is not due to the reader of our mobile, the next step will be to test the microSD card on a computer. For this we will have to have an adapter for SD cards. If our computer detects the card and allows us to transfer files normally, it is possible that the slot or the reader of our mobile is damaged. We can also try to format the card from our PC and later try it again on the mobile.

Before inserting the card again, we have to proceed to clean the microSD card, for this we must remove the card and clean the gold contacts with a dry cloth. In the same way, we will proceed to clean the tray where the card is located, preferably with a soft cloth to remove possible dirt. Once finished, we will reinsert the microSD and turn on the device to check if it recognizes it correctly.

A common problem usually occurs when our microSD card begins to run out of space. At that moment, reading errors may begin to appear in some apps, as long as their main files are hosted on the internal storage. In this case we will try to free up space on the card to see if the problem disappears. Before buying a new one, we must compare the differences between MicroSD cards for our mobile.

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