How to save on a loveseat for your family room

A loveseat is a perfect addition to your family room. When you are looking at living room furniture collections, you will quickly notice that most living room furniture sets offer a matched but optional loveseat. Some people think that you don’t need both a loveseat and a couch, but if you entertain on a regular basis or have a larger household that seeing will become very important.

Loveseats can also come with a lot of great features that you could really appreciate in a rec room or family room. You can get loveseats that have built-in charging capabilities so that you can charge your smartphone while you watch television just by placing it on the arm of the loveseat.

You can also get loveseats that have reclining seats, ones with a built-in snack and drink caddy between the seats, built-in blue tooth speakers, and more.

You don’t necessarily want to spend a lot of money to refurnish your family room. Children are hard on furniture, especially in a remote environment in which they feel they don’t have to be careful. On the other hand, getting loveseats with built-in modular or pull-out beds is great for sleepovers.

Now that you have a yearning for your own loveseat and narrowed down what type of loveseat you want to have, let’s look at where you can find your low price loveseats.

Clearance sales and retail holidays at your local furniture store

It can make sense to get your loveseat from your local furniture store, especially if it is a spur-of-the-moment buy. Clearance sales in furniture usually happen in January, August, and November when new furniture collections have or areas are eminent.

Retail holidays are a bit different. Almost every retailer that sells products to Americans knows that retail holidays are big deal, and it is suicide not to participate. As such, “greeting card” holidays and “retail holidays” are widely available through online stores as well. 

The most common retail holiday sales include:

  • Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving)
  • Small Business Saturday (follows Black Friday)
  • Cyber Monday (follows Small Business Saturday)
  • Memorial Day weekend (last weekend in May)
  • Labor Day weekend (first weekend of September)
  • Presidents Day (mid-January)
  • Father’s Day (2nd Sunday of June)

Buy used

The family room is one of the busiest and most abused room in the home, and as such you want to get nice durable wood furniture. It can be tempting to buy used, especially if you are designing the family room to be in the mid-century modern or other vintage styles. But spending a bit more on furniture that will last another decade or more is definitely an overall cost savings.

Shop online

Your best bet is to shop for your next loveseat online. You’re going to have the best selection as well as the best prices. An online furniture store with access to large inventories means that you can get just about anything you might want at much more affordable prices than your local living room furniture store.

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