How to Take Care of Your Skin Even When You Are Travelling

Covid still has not left the world, and people are forced to stay in their homes because of strict quarantine lockdowns. If you live in a place where the infection rate is still high, you almost cannot leave your house. You can only go out if it is necessary, like buying groceries or medicine. But after this all over and people can again leave their house without the fear of the virus, one thing that might pop out of your head is to travel. Feeling cooped up in your house for how long, being able to go the places you want to go will be such a blissful feeling. It is time for you to celebrate and enjoy, right? That being said, travelling needs some time for you to prepare. Not only that, but you would also want to look good when you do.

Travel sets of your essential skincare are a must when you board that plane. The low humidity in airplane cabins can make your skin dehydrated pretty fast. It is no surprise to see people like they have aged ten years after getting off the plane. The dry air in the cabin will search for moisture, making your skin dry. What is even worse is that you will produce more oil when you have dry skin. It is a mechanism of the body to compensate for the lack of moisture in your skin. If you do not know what to do for your skin when you go out and travel, here are some useful tips that will help you look fresh even when you have been on a five-hour flight.

Do not put on any makeup

People always want to look good all the time. It gives them confidence, makes them feel good, so makeup is bound to be with you most of the time. But putting on makeup when boarding on a plane is not a good idea. You will only be contributing to your skin’s drying, so avoid wearing any foundation or powder. They will dry your skin. But you can swipe some lip gloss and put on some mascara if you want since it will not pose any problems. Also, be sure to clean your face in the powder room. Use some makeup-removing wipes for better convenience.

Sunscreen is a must

You might be wondering why you should wear some sunscreen when you are on a plane. You are flying up there in the sky, which means you are closer to the sun than the rest of the people below. It is also worth noting that planes have windows, and as you know, light passes through windows, UV light especially. So always wear a moisturizer with SPF. If possible, choose an aisle seat over a window seat. You will not be able to get a good view, but your skin will be safe.

Stay hydrated

Turbulence can sometimes put people on edge, and a glass of alcohol can fend it off, but it will not help your skin. It will only make your skin drier. Water is what makes your body hydrated when you are flying, so avoid alcohol. A glass of water for each hour would be ideal.

Travelling can be a freeing feeling. The idea of going to other places and meeting new people gives the impression that the world is such a big place and that it is all for you to experience and see. But you need to take care of yourself too, so packing some travel sets of your skincare should always be on your side. You want to look good when you go out there. So good luck and always take care of your skin.

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