How to Write a Final Paper: An Ultimate Guide

Students prepare lots of projects and essays to deserve the highest rating in college. Sometimes, everything’s just falling apart when one tries to write a final paper. It could be a term paper or a dissertation. Professors ask their students to present a final paper to check their knowledge on a course or subject. One usually does not cope with this task after having a bad experience in essay writing. 


A lot of online paper writing services similar to CustomWritings have an effective algorithm for the creation of final essays and other academic projects from scratch. Its staff knows what to do to satisfy customers’ wishes. Professionals have shared their secrets with us to let you create the best paper and get the desired grade. This article introduces an ultimate guide to those who want to succeed.

5 Steps to a Stellar Term Paper: Tips from Experts

Professional writers take five steps to proceed to work and finish it before the deadline. You may do the same to make sure how helpful their plan is. Their effective algorithm includes:

  1. Topic selection
  2. Formulation of a thesis statement
  3. Creation of an outline
  4. Writing
  5. Editing

It does not matter what paper you need to present. This plan suits any type of final paper.

Step1. Search for a Catchy Topic

It is important to choose an unexplored topic. There is no purpose to rewrite someone’s research. Professors have a good knowledge base. They will not give high grades to ideas that have zero value and novelty. Experts apply one of the following ways when searching for a striking topic.

Looking around

It is useful to walk around and spend time in public places. People often discuss problems in the street, cafés, public transport, parks, and workplaces. You might also listen to them to learn things you can investigate in your final paper. If you study Biology, you will get interested in dialogs related to cosmetics, health problems, ecological disasters, or environmental challenges citizens have to face daily. 

Surfing the Internet

If you are going to write a term paper, you will probably have a list of reliable web sources. It is necessary to subscribe to reputable bloggers to get daily news concerning your college subject. One must avoid the representatives of the yellow press. Such journalists and writers provide fake data to earn likes and views to promote personal websites. They do not care about the truth, so you might get a low grade due to lies.

Watching TV and Listening to Podcasts

It is useful to watch TV channels with news and scientific programs. One must be able to recognize a fake in the XXI century media stream. Thanks to that, you will never introduce unchecked data, topics you will never be able to support with facts, and arguments you might fail to disprove. Journalists always long for ratings and try to introduce unique information. One can investigate the news and reflect the research outcome in the term paper. 

Step2. Write a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a brief (1-2 sentences) introduction of the main topic in the academic paper. It means you need to be exact. 


✔️ Good example ✖️ Bad example
Web sources provide people with the required information fast, though 86% of users learn unchecked or fictional news daily. The Internet is full of data that might be beneficial and harmful.
Polythene bags need from 5 to 15 years to decompose while paper ones are ecologically safe and recyclable.  One should prefer paper bags to polythene ones.

The thesis statement stresses the core idea instead of generalizing the global problem. The best option is to support it with facts and statistics to make it credible.

Step3. Prepare an Outline

The next step is to structure a term paper. You need to consider the data you have and create a logical plan. On its margins, you may jot down sources, citations, and other details. You should make sure that all required information is at your fingertips. Otherwise, it will be necessary to go on researching to fill in the gaps. An average final paper outline includes headings of the following sections – an introduction, a body, a conclusion, references.

Step4. Write the First Draft

Experts recommend starting with the body where you describe the problem, introduce facts, and develop the idea or solution. After, one should write an intro because by that time it will be clear what value the paper contains. Finally, a person concludes and creates a list of references


NOTE! Each part is the logical continuation of the previous section. Transition words are perfect tools in the creation of logical chains. Don’t forget to be clear and present reliable facts in the paper. It will help you convince the college committee that your term paper is well-researched and significant.


The body usually demands paragraphs to separate topical sentences. Each paragraph supports one topical sentence that has a connection with the thesis statement. 

Step5. Edit

The paper is not ready if the format does not correspond to the college requirements or there are lots of mistakes. Tired students often cannot find typos, improper punctuation, and other errors. Various apps and software help to find them. Besides, they show how to format the bibliography, improve readability, and find plagiarized sentences or extracts. 

Hints from Professional Writers

  • First, proofread the text. Ask yourself, if everything goes smoothly and logically. 
  • Second, use grammar checkers to correct missed mistakes.
  • Third, check readability and change sentences that your professor might misunderstand. 
  • Fourth, proofread again.
  • Fifth, if everything sounds and looks OK, scan the paper with a plagiarism detector. Except for citations, other sentences should have no red marks.

One should keep in mind the universal truth – people pay attention and appreciate only unique and interesting things. Nobody likes to waste their time. So, you should intrigue the target readers with the very first words. After reading, they must feel satisfied because they have spent time on something worthy.

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