Install Windows 8.1 from External Devices

Install Windows 8.1 from External Devices

Windows 8.1 can be installed from DVDS, USB or other external devices, for that you should make back up of your data and files. Note down all the important things for instance, all the passwords, software installations etc. before installing Windows 8.1.

Follow these guidelines to install Windows 8.1 in your PC or Laptop.

  • Turn your PC or laptop on and start windows normally. Insert the DVD, USB in which Windows 8.1 is installed. Restart your PC or laptop.

When you will restart your PC or laptop, it will boot from the inserted 8.1 DVD, USB.

  • A prompt message will be shown “Press any key to boot from USB or DVD”.
  • If the current version of Windows start, You will have to change the boot order of PC BIOS menu, select boot tab and first boot order should be set as your media.
  • Press delete button immediately after restarting the PC or laptop to change the boot order. Move to “Save” and then exit tab. Select Save changes and Reset, leave BIOS setup menu.
  • Setup language with all other preference and click “Next”.
  • To start the process, click “Install now”.
  • To activate Windows 8.1, enter the product key. Product key will be on the disc package, or in the message from where you bought Windows, you can also find from Google as “Windows 8.1 product key”.
  • Accept “License Terms and Conditions” and click “Next”.
  • Chose the installation type, recommended is Custom: Install Windows only (Advanced)
  • All previous partitions should be deleted by selecting one partition at a time and click “Delete Link”.
  • Press “Ok” when you will see a prompt, popup message.
  • All space on the hard drive is unallocated, partitions are made by clicking on “Drive Options” (advanced).
  • Click “New” to decide proper partition size for partition.
  • Windows will now create another partition for storing system files. Click “Ok” and create partitions for unallocated space if you want.
  • Select one partition and click “Format” link for performing partition format.
  • To confirm the process, you will be prompted, press “OK”. Format other partitions as well except others reserved for system files.
  • Select the partition where you want to install the Windows, press “Next”.
  • Several reboots will be required during the Windows installation process.
  • Follow the instructions for the personalization of computer settings.
  • Congratulations, Windows 8.1 is installed on your PC or laptop, perform update. Install the latest drivers, firmware, apps updates downloaded from information technology websites.

I hope these steps will help you in installing Windows on your PC or laptop, thanks.

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